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Superhero Belts, Pop Culture Belts, and Superhero Belt Buckles
To many superheroes, belts are an essential part of their crime-fighting getup. At Superheroes Direct, we carry a selection of belts and buckles to help you get accessorize any outfit with superhero style. Shop our belts and buckles inspired by a variety of pop culture sources, including video games, movies, and popular series as well the iconic accessories worn by comic book characters both on the page and on screen.
Mens Superhero Costumes, Comic Book Cosplay, Superhero Costume Accessories, and Video Game Cosplay
Here at Superheroes Direct, we have everything you need to complete your next cosplay. Offering both full costumes sets and individual accessories, our super suits are perfect for getting into the crime-fighting spirit. Our wigs, gloves, masks, and shoes are just what you need to make your costume complete. For designs from both their comic book days and redesigns from film and television, check out our Costumes and Cosplay section today.
Superhero Footwear, Mens Pop Culture Shoes, Superhero Shoes, and Costume Shoes
Protect your feet with shoes befitting a superhero with our selection of mens footwear here at Superheroes Direct. Shop our variety of shoes inspired by and based on the footwear worn by pop culture icons, superheroes, and supervillains alike. Step into the shoes of your favorite character, or sport a pair emblazoned with graphics inspired by their action-packed adventures.
Superhero Hoodies, Superhero Outerwear, Video Game Jackets, and Superhero Sweatshirts
For all manner of outer layer apparel, visit our Jackets and Sweatshirts category at Superheroes Direct. We bring you hoodies, jackets, and sweatshirts featuring many Marvel and DC Comics characters, as well as apparel inspired by video games like Assassins Creed, World of Warcraft, Witcher 3, Minecraft, and Diablo III. Suit up with our wraparound and costume hoodies, designed to let you dress up as your favorite character in everyday comfort.
Long Sleeve Superhero Shirts, DC Comics Long Sleeve Shirts, Classic Comic Book Long Sleeve Shirts, and Justice League T-Shirts
Just like our short sleeve t-shirts, the shirts in our Long Sleeve Shirts category at Superheroes Direct bring you a variety of designs from your favorite games, comic books, movies, and TV shows. Featuring the logos of top heroes, villains, and video games, these long sleeve shirts are emblazoned with graphics pulled from classic comics as well as modern films, like Batman v Superman and the latest MCU movie.
Superhero Loungewear, Superhero Bathrobes, Comic Book Character Robes, and Hooded Robes with Capes
Shop our Loungewear Category here at Superheroes Direct for the coziest robes featuring your favorite superheroes and villains. Depicting and inspired by popular characters like Superman, Iron Man, Wolverine, Captain America, Batman, and more, our loungewear robes add an extra layer of comfort to any outfit and are great for wearing around the house. Excellent gifts, our superhero loungewear items are must-haves for any die-hard comic fan.
Pop Culture Neckties, Harry Potter Ties, Pop Culture Apparel, and Pop Culture Accessories
For those occasions where you want to look sharp, stylish, and still show off your favorite superhero or pop culture character, shop our Neckties category here at Superheroes Direct. We offer these fancy neck accessories in a variety of styles and fandoms, including Harry Potter Hogwarts ties in all four houses. Excellent gifts for any dapper dresser, our neckties are great additions to any extravagant outfit.
Superhero Sleep Pants, Comic Book Jam Shorts, Superhero Pajamas, and DC Comics Sleep Shorts
With our selection of pants and shorts here at Superheroes Direct, you can represent your favorite character in ultimate relaxed style. Featuring the symbols of iconic DC Comics and Marvel characters like Batman, Superman, and the Punisher, as well as logos from popular video games like Call of Duty, our sleep pants and jam shorts are great for lounging, slumber, or any other time you want to be as comfortable as possible.
Superhero Socks, Superhero Underwear, Video Game Socks, and Comic Book Socks
You can never have too many of the essentials, and here at Superheroes Direct, our Socks and Underwear category offers these basic items of apparel in video game and comic book styles. Perfect gifts or additions to the wardrobe of any gamer or superhero fan, many of our ankle socks come in sets of 6, 5, or 4 and feature an assortment of character groups, perfect for fans of superhero squads like the Avengers or the Justice League.
Superhero Logo Tank Tops, Sleeveless Costume Tees, and Pop Culture Tank Tops
Stay cool and trendy this summer in the style of your favorite pop culture icons. Superheroes Direct has acquired a fine selection of tank tops and sleeveless tees that are sure to aid you against the heat. You can expect to find apparel inspired by the latest trends in video gaming, movies, television, and comics. Whether you seek a logo tee or a costume tank top, check out the exciting options in summer clothing found here.
Comic Book T-shirts, Video Game T-Shirts, and Mens Comic Book T-Shirts
There are some things you just have to have, like shirts. But for moments when not just any old t-shirt will do, Superheroes Direct has your back. Check out our t-shirt category for shirts featuring all manner of characters from Marvel and DC Comics, from vintage comic book t-shirts to t-shirts featuring graphics from the latest Batman or MCU films, costume t-shirts that emulate your favorite characters suit, and a variety of video game t-shirts.

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