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Fallout Apparel and Fallout Collectibles

Fallout is an action role-playing game that places the player in a world where the nuclear apocalypse has already occurred, and humanity is left to rebuild itself. From experimental fallout shelters, called Vaults, to navigating the Wastelands filled with Ghouls, Radroaches, and Deathclaws, roaming around this post-apocalyptic America is a harrowing adventure, and here at Superheroes Direct, we celebrate those lone wanderers with our wide selection of Fallout collectibles. Our Fallout t-shirts are perfect for every fan, including apparel that features the iconic Vault Boy as well as the logo of the latest game, Fallout 4. Our POP figures include characters and monsters from throughout the game series, as well as favorites from Fallout 4, such as Dogmeat and John Hancock. For all your Fallout collectible needs, keep checking back here at Superheroes Direct.
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