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Marvel Abomination Collectibles, Avengers Abomination Drinkware, Abomination T-Shirts, and Abomination Paperweights
After intentionally exposing himself to gamma radiation, Abomination becomes the Hulks monstrous counterpart and equal in battle. First appearing in 1967, Abomination has since enjoyed a presence in comics, television, video games, and in the 2008 Incredible Hulk movie. At Superheroes Direct, we offer a variety of Abomination collectibles and apparel, including t-shirts, drinking glass sets, heat change mugs, collectible paperweights, and more.
Arkham Knight Collectibles, Arkham Night Apparel, Arkham Knight POP figures, and Arkham Knight Accessories
Created for the Batman Arkham Knight video game, this mysterious supervillain mocks Batman through his similarly styled suit. His grudge against the Dark Knight runs deep, and he will stop at nothing to destroy him. Now with his own comic miniseries, this character has expanded beyond his video game origins. Here at Superheroes Direct, we offer Arkham Knight apparel and collectibles for any fan of this vengeful villain.
Bane Masks, Bane T-Shirts, Bane Statues, and Bane Collectibles
One of Batmans recurring adversaries, Bane is a calm and calculating villain addicted to an experimental strength-enhancing drug called Venom. Bane pursues Batman as he believes him to be the terror from his childhood dreams. For true fans of Bane, we offer a variety of Bane apparel and collectibles here at Superheroes Direct, including costumes, t-shirts, statues, and more must-haves for all Bane enthusiasts.
Black Manta Collectibles, Black Manta Apparel, Black Manta T-Shirts, and Black Manta Figures
Known best as Aquamans nemesis, Black Manta opposes the King of Atlantis at every turn. Wearing a super suit that allows him to survive extreme underwater conditions, the helmet Black Manta wears gives him his most recognized insect-like appearance. At Superheroes Direct, we feature collectibles and apparel themed around this aquatic supervillain, including high quality t-shirts and more.
Carnage Home Decor, Carnage T-Shirts, Carnage Blankets, and Marvel Carnage Drinkware
From troubled child to serial killer and finally a supervillain with extreme destructive powers, Cletus Kasady is the alias of the mass murderer known as Carnage. Equipped with a symbiote that turns him into a monstrous creature, Carnage lives only for chaos. Here at Superheroes Direct, we stock a variety of Carnage collectibles and apparel for every fan, ranging from home decor like fleece throw blankets to coffee mugs, t-shirts, and more.
Catwoman Costumes, Catwoman T-Shirts, Catwoman Busts, and Catwoman Accessories
Stealing hearts since 1940, Catwoman has played a varying role throughout her appearances in the DC Universe. Often a villain, though sometimes an anti-heroine, she has consistently held a complex relationship with none other than Batman himself. At Superheroes Direct, we offer something for all fans of this cat burglar, including costumes for both adults and children, t-shirts, drinkware, POP figures, and more.
Marvel Crossbones Figures, Civil War Crossbones T-Shirts, and Marvel Comics Crossbones Collectibles
Appearing in Marvel Cinematic Universe Captain America films, Brock Rumlow reemerged from his apparent demise, badly scarred and with his new supervillain alias, Crossbones, in Civil War. A Hydra sleeper agent who infiltrated S.H.I.E.L.D., Crossbones first appeared in comic form in 1989. At Superheroes Direct, we bring you collectibles and apparel featuring the his skull-faced look from the Civil War film, including collectible POP figures.
DC Comics Darkseid T-Shirts, DC Comics Darkseid Long Sleeve Shirts, Darkseid Collectibles,  and Darkseid Statues
One of the most powerful supervillains from DC Comics, Darkseid is a cosmic antagonist to Superman and the Justice League. The ruler of the planet Apokolips, Darkseid is a tyrant warmonger with superhuman abilities and the power of the Omega Force. Here at Superheroes Direct, we have a variety of Darkseid collectibles and apparel, including t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, shirts featuring Darkseid along other villains, collectible figures, and more.
Deathstroke Costumes, Deathstroke Masks, Deathstroke POP Figures, and Deathstroke T-Shirts
An elite assassin with superhuman abilities granted to him through the US militarys attempts to create meta human super soldiers, Deathstroke is an enemy to many, including the Teen Titans. At Superheroes Direct, we offer various apparel and collectibles featuring this masked villain. From menacing masks to costumes, t-shirts, and cute collectible POP figures, there's something for every Deathstroke fan.
Doctor Doom Apparel, Doctor Doom Statues, Doctor Doom Hoodies, and Doctor Doom Busts
The son of a Romani witch, Doctor Doom is an evil genius, magician, and supervillain motivated by his own supreme pride. Committing atrocious acts of evil, Doctor Doom is one of the wickedest and most powerful villains around. Fans of this evil metal-covered man are sure to find something to suit their tastes at Superheroes Direct, from our selection of figures and busts to our uniform hoodies and t-shirts.
Doctor Octopus POP Figures, Doc Ock T-Shirts, Doctor Octopus Collectibles, and Doctor Octopus Playing Cards
Doctor Octopus, or Doc Ock, is a mad scientist and frequent opponent to Spider-Man. Fused with a harness that gives him the strength of four extra arms, this villain was once a reserved intellectual who turned to crime after suffering personal tragedy. At Superheroes Direct, we carry Doctor Octopus collectibles and apparel, including t-shirts, POP figures, playing cards, and more featuring his retro appearance.
DC Comics Doomsday T-Shirts, Superman Doomsday Accessories, DC Comics Doomsday Collectibles, and Superman Doomsday Apparel
Intended to be one of the strongest, most resilient beings in the universe, Doomsday has had several origin stories and various interpretations throughout his existence in the DC Comics universe. But in every iteration, he is one of Supermans ultimate foes, the only creature that can match him in a straight physical fight. Here at Superheroes Direct, we bring you apparel and collectibles of this ultimate villain, including t-shirts, figures, and more.
Spider-Man Electro Costumes, Marvel Electro Apparel, Electro Collectibles, and Spider-Man Electro Bobble Heads
One of Spider-Mans recurring supervillains, Electro is a man bestowed with the power of deadly electricity. Debuting in 1964, Electro was made famous on the silver screen by his appearance in the 2014 Amazing Spider-Man 2 film. At Superheroes Direct, we bring you collectibles and apparel inspired by his look from this superhero film, including costumes for both adults and children, collectible bobble heads, and more.
Green Goblin Collectibles, Green Goblin Accessories, Green Goblin Playing Cards, and Green Goblin Apparel
Often the secret identity of someone within the troubled Osborn family, the Green Goblin is a person adopted by various villains. Nemesis to Spider-Man, the Green Goblin gains his strength through the Goblin Formula, which grants him superhuman strength and intelligence while deteriorating sanity. Here at Superheroes Direct, we bring you apparel and collectibles featuring this popular Marvel villain, such as our playing cards, eraser sets, and more.
Harley Quinn Costumes, Harley Quinn Jewelry, Harley Quinn Apparel, and Harley Quinn POP Figures
Harley Quinn, once an Arkham Asylum psychiatrist, fell into a mad love with the Joker. Leaving her former life behind, she transformed herself into the wicked jester we know today. At Superheroes Direct, we devote a section of our store to this quirky villainess, where fans of Harley Quinn can find anything from t-shirts and costumes to POP figures, jewelry, and more featuring her looks from various media, including the 2016 Suicide Squad film.
Killer Croc POP figures, Killer Croc Suicide Squad, Killer Croc Apparel, and Killer Croc Collectibles
Half man, half crocodile, but all supervillain, Killer Croc has been around since 1983, but has recently come into the limelight through his appearance in the 2016 Suicide Squad film. This animalistic wrestler is ready to fight any who get in his way, and here at Superheroes Direct, we pay tribute to this monstrous villain through our Killer Croc apparel and collectibles, featuring figures from his latest iteration.
Lex Luthor T-Shirts, Lex Luthor Childrens Apparel, Lex Luthor Long Sleeve Shirts, and Lex Luthor Collectibles
Lex Luthor is the brilliant founder of LexCorp and archenemy of Superman, opposing the Man of Steel at every turn. Seemingly a charming philanthropist, Luthor is secretly power-hungry and cruel. At Superheroes Direct, we bring fans of this supervillain a variety of collectibles and apparel, including Lex Luthor t-shirts in both childrens and adult sizes featuring Lex Luthor alongside other DC villains and wearing his purple and green warsuit.
Loki POP Figures, Loki Drinkware, Loki T-Shirts, and Loki Collectibles
Named after the mythological Norse trickster god, Loki is a master schemer and devious villain. The adopted brother and archenemy of Thor, Loki is the son of Frost Giants, sworn enemies of the Asgardians. With several iterations and reincarnations throughout Marvel comics and TV shows, Loki has most recently gained popularity through his inclusion in several Marvel Cinematic Universe films and portrayal by actor Tom Hiddleston
Magneto POP Figures, Magneto Jackets, Magneto Apparel, and Magneto Collectibles
Archenemy to the X-Men, Magneto is a mutant supervillain determined to conquer the world with mutants as the dominant species. A survivor of the Holocaust with a cynical outlook towards humanity, Magneto seeks revenge against humans for the persecution he and fellow mutants often face. At Superheroes Direct, we bring fans of this complex supervillain a variety of collectibles and apparel featuring Magneto, including POP Figures, hoodies, and more.
Mr Freeze T-Shirts, Mr Freeze Collectibles, Mr Freeze Apparel, and Mr Freeze Childrens T-Shirts
Sometimes portrayed as silly, other times as tragic, Mr Freeze is one of Batmans recurring villains, first introduced in 1959. Equipped with cryogenic weaponry, he can freeze anything in his path, though he is confined to his refrigerated suit due to a lab accident. At Superheroes Direct, we offer a variety of collectibles and apparel featuring this frozen evil genius, including t-shirts featuring Mr Freeze and more.
Nebula POP Figure, Marvel Nebula Apparel, Guardians of the Galaxy Nebula Collectibles, and Marvel Comics Nebula Statues
Nebula was first introduced in 1985 as an alien pirate and mercenary, brutal and merciless. Recently enjoying popularity due to her appearance in the 2014 Guardians of the Galaxy film as an adopted daughter of Thanos, this supervillain is often portrayed as at least part cybernetic. At Superheroes Direct, our Nebula apparel and collectibles are perfect for any fan of the 2014 film or for completing any supervillain set.
Nekron Apparel, Nekron T-Shirts, Nekron Collectibles, and Black Lantern T-Shirts
King of the Dead Zone and a literal embodiment of death, Nekron is a skeletal figure who feeds off of the souls of all those who have ever died. One of the Green Lantern Corps deathliest antagonists, here at Superheroes Direct, we provide apparel featuring the logo from his Black Lantern Corps as well as other Nekron collectibles perfect for fans of this Lord of the Unliving or for completing any set of Green Lantern Corps memorabilia.
DC Comics Penguin T-Shirts, DC Comics Penguin Bust Bank, DC Comics Penguin Keychains, and DC Comics Penguin Collectibles
The Penguin is one of Batmans recurring villains, fancying himself a gentleman of crime as he wears a top hat and carries a black umbrella. Owner of the Iceberg Lounge nightclub, the Penguin gets his name from his love of birds as well as his typical tuxedo outfit. At Superheroes Direct, we bring fans all kinds of Penguin apparel and collectibles, offering t-shirts, busts, keychains, and drinkware all featuring the distinguished villain.
DC Comics Poison Ivy POP Figures, DC Comics Poison Ivy T-Shirts, DC Comics Poison Ivy Accessories, and DC Comics Poison Ivy Collectibles
Since her introduction in 1966, Poison Ivy has been a recurring villain to Batman and friends. Known for her passion of plants that often manifests itself as eco-terrorism, Poison Ivy can control all plant life and create toxins she often administers in the form of a deadly kiss. Fans of this green villainess will find statues, t-shirts, and keychains, as well as other collectibles and apparel in our Poison Ivy section here at Superheroes Direct.
Red Skull T-Shirts, Red Skull Drinkware, Red Skull Paperweights, and Red Skull Collectibles
First opposing Captain America in 1941, Red Skull has since appeared in a variety of comics, television series, and films, including recent MCU Captain America movies. Possessing a cloned body of Captain America deformed due to his evil intentions, the cinematic Red Skull story places him as the head of Hydra. At Superheroes Direct, we provide fans of this supervillain with apparel and collectibles featuring his frightening skeletal visage.
Reverse Flash T-Shirts, Reverse Flash Figures, Reverse Flash Apparel, and Reverse Flash Collectibles
Equal in power to the Flash but opposite in intent, Reverse Flash is the ultimate nemesis of the heroic super speedster. The name of several different villains throughout DC Comics history, Reverse Flash has most recently appeared to oppose Barry Allen in the CW TV series The Flash. At Superheroes Direct, we bring fans of this supervillain a variety of t-shirts in both childrens and adult sizes as well as POP figures and other collectibles.
Riddler T-Shirts, Riddler Drinkware, Riddler Statues, and Riddler Collectibles
Dealing with the Riddler is often a puzzle, as this recurring adversary to the Dark Knight makes a game out of every crime. Leaving cryptic clues for heroes to sort out, this villains iconic look features a green and purple color scheme emblazoned with his signature question marks. For fans of this enigmatic foe, Superheroes Direct offers a variety of Riddler apparel and merchandise, from t-shirts and drinkware to figures, keychains, and more.
Ronan the Accuser POP Figure, Ronan the Accuser Mask, Ronan the Accuser Apparel, and Ronan the Accuser Collectibles
Enjoying a resurgence in popularity, Ronan the Accuser was recently brought into the limelight of the silver screen through the 2014 Guardians of the Galaxy film. A fanatic member of an alien race called the Kree, Ronan the Accuser seeks to eradicate the Xandarians and anyone who gets in his way. Here at Superheroes Direct, we offer merchandise for all iterations of this blue supervillain bent on conquering the galaxy.
DC Comics Scarecrow POP Figures, DC Comics Scarecrow Masks, DC Comics Scarecrow T-Shirts, and DC Comics Scarecrow Collectibles
No villain is scarier than Scarecrow, a master of fear itself. Originally a psychiatrist specializing in phobias, his fear gas plagues his victims with nightmare hallucinations. This creepy antagonist has appeared in comics, games, TV shows, and films since his creation in 1941. Fans can check out Superheroes Direct for all their Scarecrow needs, including various Scarecrow apparel and collectibles such as POP figures and masks.
Sinestro T-Shirts, Yellow Lantern T-Shirts, and Sinestro Collectibles
Once a heroic member of the Green Lantern Corps, Sinestro was dishonorably discharged by these galactic law enforcers for trying to run a dictatorship on his home planet of Korugar. His yellow ring of power is the ultimate opponent to the power of the Green Lantern. Fans of this supervillain will find all manner of Sinestro apparel, collectibles, and more here at Superheroes Direct.
Spiderman Villain Collectibles, Spiderman Villain Costumes, and Spiderman Villain Home Decor
From villainous symbiotes to evil masterminds, Spider-Man has endured the opposition of a variety of villains who reappear to oppose the hero in his multitude of comics, movies, animated series, and more. At Superheroes Direct, check our selection of high quality collectibles and apparel ranging from POP figures to home decor, t-shirts, costumes, and more all featuring favorites like Venom, Carnage, Doctor Octopus, the Green Goblin, and many more of the web-slingers recurring archenemies.
Thanos POP Figures, Thanos Apparel, Thanos Collectibles, and Thanos T-Shirts
Known as the Mad Titan and the Avatar of Death, Thanos is a mutant offshoot from a race of superhumans. An ultra-powerful cosmic supervillain, Thanos has appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a force of evil scheming just behind the scenes. At Superheroes Direct, we carry Thanos collectibles and apparel for any fan of this evil galactic warlord, including POP figures, statues, and busts.
Joker POP Figure, Arkham City Joker Costume, Joker T-Shirts, and Joker Drinkware
Batmans ultimate arch nemesis, the Joker is one of the most iconic villains of DC Comics. From his first appearance in 1940 to his various TV and film portrayals by prolific actors like Heath Ledger, no crime is too much for this sadistic villain. Here at Superheroes Direct, we have a wide variety of Joker collectibles and apparel for any fans of Gothams most twisted antagonist, including costumes, POP figures, t-shirts, and more.
Two Face Costumes, Two Face T-Shirts, Two Face Drinkware, and Harvey Dent Collectibles
Harvey Dent, once an honorable district attorney, went insane after having half of his face badly burned with acid. Renaming himself Two Face and turning to a life of crime, this supervillain makes all his decisions based on a flip of his lucky coin. But you don't have to flip a coin to see that Superheroes Direct has the best selection of Two Face apparel and collectibles around, including t-shirts, costumes, drinkware, collectibles, and more.
Ultron Costumes, Ultron T-Shirts, Ultron Statues, and Ultron POP Figures
Supervillain to the Avengers, Ultron was born from the mind of Hank Pym in the Marvel Comics. In the MCU film, Age of Ultron, Ultron was recreated by Tony Stark and Bruce Banner after being found in Lokis Mind Stone. An advanced A.I. who has decided eradicating humanity is in Earths best interest, here at Superheroes Direct we offer a variety of Ultron apparel and collectibles all featuring his shiny adamantium visage.
Venom Costumes, Venom Statues, Venom T-Shirts, and Venom Home Decor
An alien symbiote with a mean streak, Venom first adapts itself to its human host, then seeks to control it completely. Initially bonded with Spider-Man before becoming one of his recurring antagonists, Venom can shapeshift and distort its form, giving the supervillain its trademark monstrous maw. Check out our Venom category at Superheroes Direct for a variety of Venom t-shirts, costumes, accessories, figures, home decor, and more.
Winter Soldier Costumes, Winter Soldier POP Figures, Winter Soldier T-Shirts and Winter Soldier Collectibles
James Buchanan Barnes, better known as Bucky, is Captain Americas close friend. Supposed dead for many years, he was revived and programmed as an evil assassin until rediscovered by Captain America. Fans of this troubled hero can find all the Winter Soldier apparel and collectibles they desire here at Superheroes Direct, where our selection includes POP figures and costumes featuring Buckys looks from his MCU appearances.
Marvel Comics Yellowjacket Costumes, Marvel Yellowjacket POP Figures, Marvel Yellowjacket T-Shirts, and Marvel Comics Yellowjacket Collectibles
In Marvel Comics, Yellowjacket is a name taken on by Dr. Hank Pym, the original Ant-Man. In the 2015 Marvel Cinematic Universe Ant-Man film, villainous Darren Cross develops the Yellowjacket suit as a weapon to sell to Hydra before donning it himself. At Superheroes Direct, fans of Yellowjacket can find collectibles featuring the main antagonist of the 2015 Ant-Man film, as well as Yellowjacket costumes, t-shirts, and other apparel.
General Zod T-Shirts, Zod Childrens T-Shirts, Zod Collectibles, and General Zod Long Sleeve Shirts
One of Supermans recurring villains, General Zod is a fellow Kryptonian whose superhuman abilities are also enhanced on Earth. Once a Kryptonian military warlord, Zod appears in a variety of media, including TV show Smallville and Superman movies like Man of Steel. At Superheroes Direct, we bring fans of this alien villain a variety of collectibles and apparel, including Zod t-shirts in both childrens and adult sizes featuring his symbols and catchphrases.

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