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Superhero Cookie Jars, Superhero Kitchen Accessories, Pop Culture Cookie Jars, and Collectible Comic Book Kitchenware
Shop our Cookie Jar category here at Superheroes Direct for the perfect addition to any kitchen. These versatile containers can hold more than just cookies, so you can use them to store a variety of cooking essentials, like flour or rice. Featuring characters like Spider-Man and other comic book and pop culture icons, these superhero cookie jars are fun and functional pieces of home decor and excellent gifts that will delight any superhero fan.
Superhero Spatulas, Pop Culture Utensils, Supervillain Whisks, and Comic Book Kitchen Accessories
Bring your love for superheroes and pop culture icons into the kitchen with a variety of utensils and kitchen gadgets inspired by your favorite characters. Superheroes Direct has kitchen necessities such as spatulas, whisks, and graters decorated with logos and faces of your favorite characters, such as Deadpool, R2D2, and more. These kitchen tools will bring a smile to your face as you whip up a tasty breakfast for the super people in your life.
Superhero Salt and Pepper Shakers, POP Salt and Pepper Shakers, Avengers Salt and Pepper Shakers, and Spider-man Salt and Pepper Shakers
Every kitchen needs a salt and pepper shaker, so why not make it superhero themed? Here at Superheroes Direct, we bring you various salt and pepper shakers featuring favorite characters such as Ironman, Captain America, Spider-Man, and more. Functional and adorable, our POP salt and pepper shakers retain the adorable portions of the popular POP figures while also serving as functional seasoning dispensers.
Superhero Serving Bowls, Pop Culture Tableware, Supervillain Kitchen Accessories, and Guardians of the Galaxy Dishes
When you are hosting a game night, superhero movie marathon, or curling up to watch a favorite sci-fi program, these serving bowls add the perfect geek chic touch. Superheroes Direct brings you a variety of bowls for popcorn, fruit, or any favorite snack. Each bowl is designed with a character or program from pop culture in mind. Functional and festive, these home decor pieces make excellent gifts that any superhero fan would be thrilled to receive.

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