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In 1984, Marvel Comics introduced the symbiote that would become known as Venom as a bio-engineered, alien suit that adapts to the needs of its wearer. Initially bonding to Spider-Man, it has a mind of its own, causing mayhem while its human host slept. When combined with disgraced employee of the Daily Globe Eddie Brock, they together became Venom, a bitter supervillain filled with hatred for Spider-Man. Here at Superheroes Direct, fans of Venom will find a variety of apparel, including Venom t-shirts with graphics pulled from comics and the 2007 Spider-Man movie, hoodies, shirts, and hats mimicking the appearance of the menacing, sentient super suit, and costumes for adults and children. Our blankets, mugs, glassware, busts, and figures all feature Venoms wicked grin, perfect collectibles for any fan of this wicked supervillain.
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"Delivered on time and exactly how it looks in the picture. Could not be more pleased of the superhero costume and was of great quality too."

- Thorn M (More)

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