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A cosmic supervillain with near god-like powers, Darkseid is a DC Comics supervillain who often goes toe to toe with Superman and the Justice League. The second son of the King and Queen of Apokolips, he was first known as Prince Uxas. After killing his mother and older brother in order to gain power and exact revenge, he became supreme leader of the planet. A tyrannical ruler, Darkseid possesses the superhuman powers of the Omega Force and tries to use it to conquer the universe. Here at Superheroes Direct, our selection of Darkseid collectibles and apparel includes Darkseid t-shirts and long sleeve shirts featuring this galactic tyrant both alone and among a team of other DC villains, collectible figurines, and more, all excellent gifts for any supervillain fan or additions to any DC Comics collection. Keep checking back for updates to our supply of collectible Darkseid gear.
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"I'm real happy with the past few orders I've received and it turned out to be a great superhero products.' Wanted to give you guys a big thanks for everything, I loved your tee shirts and gear!"

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