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A military warlord back on Supermans home planet of Krypton, General Zod is a recurring enemy to the Man of Steel, equipped with equal powers when both are under the yellow sun of Earth. Often exiled to the Phantom Zone for his various crimes throughout his many comic book iterations, Zod has appeared in TV series Smallville and various Superman films, including 2013 film Man of Steel. Here at Superheroes Direct, fans of this Kryptonian supervillain are sure to find the Zod collectibles and apparel to suit their needs. Our selection includes t-shirts featuring the Zod symbol in both children and adult sizes, apparel emblazoned with Kryptonian writing of his famous phrase, Kneel Before Zod, and long sleeve shirts grouping Zod with a variety of DC Comics villains. Keep checking back at Superheroes Direct for updates to our growing selection of Zod gear.
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