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One of the first X-Men to appear in Marvel Comics, Cyclops, aka Scott Summers, emits a devastating red beam of energy from his eyes that even he himself cannot control. In order to keep his catastrophic power contained, he wears a special visors and glasses with lenses made of ruby quartz at all times. Taken in by Professor X after being orphaned at a young age, Cyclops goes on to serve as a leader of the X-Men. Appearing in many television series, video games, and X-Men films, including 2016 X-Men Apocalypse, Cyclops is a powerful mutant garnering much popularity throughout his many depictions. For collectibles and apparel featuring this founding member of the X-Men, check out Superheroes Direct. We bring Cyclops fans POP figures and costumes featuring his classic look, as well as t-shirts depicting Cyclops standing with his fellow X-Men. We also offer playing cards, erasers, and more collectibles.
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