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Silver Surfer

Norrin Rad was given the choice to save his home planet from world-devouring supervillain Galactus only if he became his herald, seeking out other planets for Galactus to consume. Accepting the deal, Norrin was transformed into the Silver Surfer and granted a portion of the Power Cosmic, resulting in his silvery super-powered form. At first an enemy of the Fantastic Four, the Silver Surfer later rebelled against the evil control of Galactus. Making his first comic book appearance in 1966, the Silver Surfer graced the silver screen in 2007 with the Fantastic Four film Rise of the Silver Surfer. At Superheroes Direct, we bring fans of this alien superhero a variety of apparel and collectibles, including Silver Surfer POP figures, t-shirts, eraser sets featuring Norrin Rad alongside fellow heroes, and more. Keep checking back here at Superheroes Direct for additions to our selection of Silver Surfer gear.
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