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Fantastic Four

On a scientific mission to space, the team that would be known as the Fantastic Four were exposed to cosmic rays that resulted in their collective gain of various superpowers. Scientist Reed Richards, known as Mister Fantastic, gained the ability to stretch his body to extreme degrees. Sue Storm became invisible, and thus was called the Invisible Woman. Johnny Storm became the Human Torch, having mastery over the powers of fire, and Ben Grimm was bestowed with a new, stone-like flesh that granted him super strength and endurance, henceforth known as the Thing. Threatened by their main adversary Doctor Doom, these heroes, unlike many, choose not to hide their true identity. Here at Superheroes Direct, we provide fans of this superhero squad a variety of collectibles and apparel, including t-shirts featuring the team alongside other Marvel heroes, collectibles playing cards, drinkware, eraser sets, and more.
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