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Add your favorite superhero, TV show, movie, or video game logo to any sewable surface with our collectible and easy-to-wear patches. Here at Superheroes Direct, our selection of patches includes many of the Game of Thrones houses, so you can proudly display the banner of the noble family you most favor. These patches make excellent gifts for a variety of pop culture fans, adding pizzazz to almost any piece of apparel. Attach a patch to a bag or jacket to show off your pop culture preferences with style and ease, or display your collection all on one garment for a bold statement. Keep checking back here at Superheroes Direct for more additions to our growing supply of fun pop culture patches.
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"I called your phone number in regards to an existing order that I had made. Christy received me very warmly and professional and provided excellent and articulate customer service. I was very aware of my options and felt that she legitimately wanted to help me. I just want to extend this "kudos" to her. If there is a reward system in place I recommend her for it. Thank you."

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Have you surreptitiously snapped a shot of some sensational superhero or snidely villain? Send us your snapshots and we'll properly and presently post them to our pages. You could even win grand good and gear from Superheroes Direct.

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