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Suicide Squad

Originally conceived during the Silver Age, the Suicide Squad, also known as Taskforce X, transformed in 1987 into a covert team of supervillains engaged in high-risk missions in exchange for reduced prison sentences. Government operatives and superheroes such as Rick Flag, Nightshade, Bronze Tiger, Oracle, and Nemesis were employed to oversee the missions and attempt to rein in the chaos. Suicide Squad has been featured in comics, television programs, video games, and the 2016 feature film. The film introduced Rick Flag and Katana supervising criminal members Deadshot, Killer Croc, El Diablo, Slipknot, Captain Boomerang, and Harley Quinn, whose romantic interest Joker also makes an appearance. At Superheroes Direct, we are thrilled to have a growing variety of Suicide Squad products, including Suicide Squad apparel and collectibles. Show your support for your favorite Squad antihero by wearing a Suicide Squad movie t-shirt, or collect any of the Suicide Squad POP figures. We have a variety of Harley Quinn and Joker shirts, as well as Deadshot figurines and El Diablo apparel. Keep checking back here at Superheroes Direct for updates to our selection of Suicide Squad merchandise.
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