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Superheroes Direct specializes in carrying the highest quality Superhero and Supervillain gear with shipping almost as quick as the Flash and the best prices around. We have been online since 2003 and carry over 100 manufacturers from around the world. Our selection of superhero gear simply cannot be beaten. It is an ever-growing selection of superhero stuff that is expanding faster than the rosters of the Justice League and the Avengers. Superheroes Direct operates out of a 30,000 square foot facility filled with licensed products from Marvel, DC Comics, Funko, Neca, Dark Horse, Weta, and much more.

To help you out with your quest for cool comic book collectibles, Superheroes Direct has a staff of 30+ employees, all so skilled in order placement and product knowledge that they put Brainiac to shame. Superheroes Direct strives to be #1 in customer service by offering our customers advice and recommendations on your purchase, whether it’s a new collectible or your next costume or cosplay outfit. We also endeavor to keep you as up to date on your order status as possible, providing prompt tracking information so quickly you’ll think we’re telepathic (we’re not).

Unlike Wolverine, who’s the best there is at what he does but what he does best isn’t very nice, we’re the best at what we do, and what we do happens to be very nice. Superheroes Direct reigns supreme when it comes to superhero apparel and collectibles. So if, while you are browsing, you find yourself lost and need a hero to help save the day, use our Live Chat feature at the top of the page to contact a customer service representative. They will swoop in like a big hero and help you out, answering your questions and assisting you on the site. You can also speak to our heroes-turned-customer service representatives by calling 1-812-506-1999.

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