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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

For products from the 2016 film that set iconic DC superheroes Batman and Superman against each other in an epic showdown, look no further than our Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice category. Our t-shirts and hoodies have graphics showcasing Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman standing together or facing off in dueling action poses, while the logo of the movie, Supermans symbol superimposed over Batmans, is emblazoned on many of our accessories, such as our hats, keyrings, and lapel pins. Not to be forgotten, this is the film where Aquaman makes his first theatrical appearance. As such, this category includes the POP figure displaying his new, bearded and brown-haired look from the film as well as classic Aquaman comic book and logo t-shirts.
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Adult Aquaman Beard and Wig Set

Item # RC-32693
In his brief Dawn of Justice cameo, Aquaman debuted his revamped look, complete with a new hairstyle. The Adult Aquaman Beard and Wig Set is a must-have for achieving the aquatic superheros new cinematic universe style.

Adult Armoured Batman 3/4 Mask

Item # RC-32556
DC Comics iconic superhero, Batman has gone through many incarnations and just as many super suits. In Dawn of Justice, he dons an armoured power suit, and now you too can get this new look with the Adult Armoured Batman 3/4 Mask.

Adult Armoured Batman Costume Hoodie

Item # RC-810931
Batman pulled out all the stops for his face-off against Superman when he designed his new suit, but you can effortlessly get the superheros armoured look with casual comfort when you wear the Adult Armoured Batman Costume Hoodie.

Adult Armoured Batman Costume Set

Item # RC-810908
Even the Bat suit needs a bit of a boost to fight the Man of Steel in Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice. The Adult Armoured Batman Costume Set is a great way to get the look of Batmans armoured suit from this recent film.

Adult Armoured Batman Full Mask

Item # RC-32583
Even a superhero as experienced as Batman knows not to go head-to-head with Superman without extra preparation. The Adult Armoured Batman Full Mask is based on the helmet worn by the popular DC Comics vigilante in Batman v Superman.

Adult Armoured Batman Half Mask

Item # RC-32547
When it comes to fighting against Superman, even Batman needs a bit of extra protection, as demonstrated by his armour suit from Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice. Get this updated look by wearing the Adult Armoured Batman Half Mask.

Adult Armoured Batman Light-Up Mask

Item # RC-32689
With fantastic LED detail, the Adult Armoured Batman Light-Up Mask will definitely give your Batman costume an edge. An officially licensed costume accessory, the eye cut-outs of this mask appear to glow a bright white from within.

Adult Batman 3/4 Mask

Item # RC-32557
With molded details reminiscent of a furrowed brow, the Adult Batman 3/4 Mask is perfect for achieving the often gritty film look of this popular DC Comics superhero who fought to defend his city in Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice.

Adult Batman Costume Belt

Item # RC-32666
Batman has no superpowers, so he relies instead on his wits and superhero gadgets, especially his trusted utility belt. The Adult Batman Costume Belt is the perfect way to incorporate this iconic tool into your own superhero look.

Adult Batman Costume Hoodie

Item # RC-810905
With fantastic, printed details and a Bat Cowl-style hood complete with bat ears, the Adult Batman Costume Hoodie is perfect for those looking to get the Caped Crusaders look within the comfort and warmth of a hooded, zip-up jacket.

Adult Batman Full Latex Mask

Item # RC-68673
Batman wears a mask to stay incognito, but when you wear the Adult Batman Full Latex Mask, you are sure to turn heads. With quality and detail, this licensed costume accessory is the ideal way to achieve Batmans Dawn of Justice look.

Adult Batman Half Mask

Item # RC-32546
The Adult Batman Half Mask is perfect for achieving the disguised look of Gothams resident vigilante. Covering just the front top half of the face, this mask is an easy-to-wear, versatile option for any fan dressing up as Batman.

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