Classic collectibles, check out our selection of pop culture coins here at Superheroes Direct. These highly detailed coins are crafted out of a variety of materials and come in various shapes. Many of the coins in our selection are based on characters from A Song of Fire and Ice, the book series that inspired hit HBO show Game of Thrones, including depictions of rulers and the currency of various lands. We also offer jewelry constructed from these coins, such as armbands, and coin bags perfect for storing coin collections along with any small trinkets. Excellent gifts for any collector of coins and thoughtful gifts for any pop culture fan, keep checking our selection of coins here at Superheroes Direct for more updates to our stock!
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Balon Greyjoy Copper Star Coin

Item # GOT-04
This is one example of coinage from a fantasy setting that looks every bit like authentic currency! The Balon Greyjoy Copper Star Coin is born of Westeros and the Iron Islands, and is inspired by the works of author George R. R. Martin.

Black Goat of Qohor Coin

Item # GOT-134
Although the city of Qohor has not made an appearance in the show Game of Thrones, the presence of its chilling deity is still felt throughout the series. The Black Goat of Qohor Coin, will remind you of the city and your daily sacrifice.

Braavosi Iron Square

Item # GOT-53
The hands of the Iron Bank of Braavos always remain outstretched from the hourglass that keeps time until your debt comes due. The Braavosi Iron Square displays this image on one side of the Game of Thrones replica coin.

Copper Half-Groat of Eddard Stark

Item # GOT-16
The Copper Half-Groat of Eddard Stark is an example of coinage that is not only licensed by George R. R. Martin for his A Song of Ice and Fire series, but also replicas that utilize history and fantasy to be nothing short of appealing.

Copper Star of King Robert Baratheon

Item # GOT-03
It is customary when a new king is crowned to have coins minted in his honor. Throughout their rule, more coinage will bear the kings likeness. This Copper Star of King Robert Baratheon bears the likeness of the king late in his rule.
$14.00 $12.60

Daemon Blackfyre Golden Dragon

Item # GOT-21
In Westeros, the dragon is the most valuable coin you can acquire. Now, you can add an old one to your collection. This Daemon Blackfyre Golden Dragon carries the name and the likeness of the Targaryen who started the Blackfyre Rebellion!

Daler of New Dale Coin

Item # GOT-110
The Daler of New Dale Coin is struck in one ounce of pure .999 silver, making the Hobbit coin a gorgeous piece of currency for fans of Tolkiens intricate world. The round fantasy coin displays excellent detail on both sides.

Dothraki Denga of Khal Drogo - Pair

Item # GOT-09
Even the Dothraki, with their raiding ways, have need of coinage from time to time. This Dothraki Denga of Khal Drogo - Pair is based on the historical coinage of Russia, while maintaining its roots from A Song of Ice and Fire.

Dothraki Full Silver Armband

Item # GOT-10
There is undeniable convenience in this Dothraki Full Silver Armband. Made up of many denga, this armband is currency and jewelry both, having been struck, in true historic fashion, from a solid wire of .925 pure sterling silver.

Dothraki Pul of Khal Drogo - Pair

Item # GOT-07
Even in a fantasy setting, coins have the most intriguing of uses. Even the Dothraki, born of George R. R. Martins novel series, A Song of Ice and Fire, have use for them. This Dothraki Pul of Khal Drogo - Pair recreates such coinage.

Elvish Fall Leaf of Holly

Item # GOT-132
Struck from solid copper using antique machinery and traditional coining techniques, this Elvish Fall Leaf of Holly is a collectible piece of currency modeled after those made by the Noldorin Elves from the land of J. R. R. Tolkien.

Game of Thrones 6-Piece Half Penny Set

Item # GOT-77
Perfect for gamers and collectors, the Game of Thrones 6-Piece Half Penny Set features a selection of fantasy coins from six of the houses of Westeros. These Game of Thrones coins display a darkened patina for a realistic look.

Delivered on time and exactly how it looks in the picture. Could not be more pleased of the superhero costume and was of great quality too.

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