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Whether it enhances their natural abilities or gives them the strength and technology they need to perform superhuman feats, there is a certain power to each super suit. Here at Superheroes Direct, we offer you the chance to embrace that power and become your favorite superhero or villain for the day with the items in our Costumes and Cosplay section. Our selection features complete costumes for convenience and ease, as well as costume accessories like masks, wigs, gloves, shoes, and makeup kits great for adding the finishing touch to any ensemble. Choose from a variety of characters, including favorites from the Marvel Cinematic Universe like Iron Man, Captain America, and Spider Man, as well as Batman, Superman, the Joker, and many more from DC Comics and related movies, TV shows, and video games.
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300 Rise of an Empire Persian Immortals Costume Sword

Item # RC-34072
A deadly warrior deserves a deadly sword, and no warrior was said to be more lethal than the Persian Immortals. They were fearsome fighters, each one armed with a blade similar to this 300 Rise of an Empire Immortals Costume Sword.

300 Rise of an Empire Persian Immortals Vinyl Mask

Item # RC-34070
The Immortals were some of the deadliest troops within the ancient Persian army, and when you don this 300 Rise of an Empire Immortals Vinyl Mask, you can easily be mistaken for one of them, thanks to this masks frightening look.

300 Rise of an Empire Themistokles Costume

Item # RC-887442
Several battles were fought to defend Greece from Xerxes I. Without General Themistokles, one such battle would have been lost. Now, you can assume the mantle of greatness by putting on this 300 Rise of an Empire Themistokles Costume.

300 Rise of an Empire Themistokles Vinyl Helmet

Item # RC-34069
No warrior would dare go into battle without their helmet, and Themistokles was no novice to war. The 300 Rise of an Empire Themistokles Vinyl Helmet is modeled after the helmet from the film, so that you can wear it for yourself.

Adult Amazing Spider-Man Boot Tops

Item # RC-35530
Bugs and criminals do not stand a chance against the web-slinging powers of the popular superhero, Spider-Man! Now you can dress like the character from the Amazing Spider-Man movies with the Adult Amazing Spider-Man Boot Tops.
$10.50 $9.45

Adult Amazing Spider-Man Gloves

Item # RC-35532
Dress like your favorite web-slinger at your next costumed event for a look that is sure to be popular! The Adult Amazing Spider-Man Gloves will help you create a polished ensemble for catching thieves just like flies.
$6.00 $5.40

Adult Ant-Man Gloves

Item # RC-32283
You will be able to get up to all sort of antics when dressed up as this unique Marvel superhero! Inspired by the Ant-Man movie, the Adult Ant-Man Gloves go perfectly with the iconic red, black, and silver armored suit.

Adult Ares Costume

Item # RC-820544
Create discord among the human race at your next costuming event while in the guise of the Greek god of war. Get ready for an unforgettable showdown with Wonder Woman, your heroic half-sibling, while wearing the Adult Ares Costume.

Adult Ares Latex Overhead Mask

Item # RC-34351
Weave a sinister plot of discord that leads to an outright raging war among the human race. Take sibling rivalry to the ultimate level as you face-off against the demigoddess, Wonder Woman, with the Adult Ares Latex Overhead Mask.

Adult Armoured Batman Full Mask

Item # RC-32583
Even a superhero as experienced as Batman knows not to go head-to-head with Superman without extra preparation. The Adult Armoured Batman Full Mask is based on the helmet worn by the popular DC Comics vigilante in Batman v Superman.

Adult Armoured Batman Light-Up Mask

Item # RC-32689
With fantastic LED detail, the Adult Armoured Batman Light-Up Mask will definitely give your Batman costume an edge. An officially licensed costume accessory, the eye cut-outs of this mask appear to glow a bright white from within.

Adult Arrow Costume Bow and Arrow Set

Item # RC-32052
Being stranded on a remote island provided Oliver Queen the chance to hone his skills and become the vigilante Green Arrow. Wield this Adult Arrow Costume Bow and Arrow Set and protect the residents of Star City from organized crime.

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