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Let your love of superheroes and pop culture take center stage with our dresses and skirts here at Superheroes Direct. These are statement pieces great for incorporating into any superhero outfit. Stand out with items like our Batman Logo Skater Skirt, decorated with the iconic symbol of the Dark Knight. Or take flight in our Adult Supergirl Tank Dress Costume, which comes with a removable red cape. With a variety of shapes and cuts, our skirts and dresses are stylish additions to any wardrobe. Keep checking back for more updates to our selection of skirts and dresses here at Superheroes Direct.
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Adult American Dream Tank Dress

Item # RC-820031
Whos strong and brave, here to save the American Way? If you cant get enough of the Star Spangled Man with a Plan, then you will love this Adult American Dream Tank Dress. This costume dress is perfect for a superhero event or party.

Adult Batgirl Gray Tank Dress Costume

Item # RC-820062
Appear at your next Hallows Eve party as the crime-fighting Gotham beauty, Barbara Gordon. Prepare to put all supervillains in their place and reveal your powerful sense of fashion with the Adult Batgirl Gray Tank Dress Costume.

Adult Batgirl Tank Dress Costume

Item # RC-887488
Enjoy the thrill of an unforgettable Halloween party in the alluring form of Gotham crime-fighter, Barbara Gordon. The Adult Batgirl Tank Dress Costume is a trendy choice for bringing the lovely Caped Crusader to life this year.

Adult Batgirl Tube Dress Costume

Item # RC-880421
Wow the party crowd and take on the form of Gotham superhero with the Adult Batgirl Tube Dress Costume as an essential piece to your carefully planned Halloween outfit. The opportunities are endless with this gorgeous mini dress.

Adult Batgirl Wing Dress Costume

Item # RC-880417
Step confidently into your favorite role of gorgeous DC Comics superhero this Hallows Eve. Astound the party crowd with your captivating beauty and fearless spirit by arraying yourself with the Adult Batgirl Wing Dress Costume.

Adult BB-8 Rhinestone Tank Dress

Item # RC-820467
Join the rebellion and transform into your favorite droid with the Adult BB-8 Rhinestone Tank Dress. Now you can look just like one of the newest and most stylish members of the resistance, by wearing this sleeveless, chic dress.

Adult Black Widow Tank Dress

Item # RC-810421
Bohze moi! This Adult Black Widow Tank Dress is a sleek costume number that martial arts master Natasha Romanoff would appreciate for a night of club dancing or shopping and brunch with fellow Avenger Scarlet Witch and Agent 13.

Adult Chewbacca Rhinestone Tank Dress

Item # RC-820469
With this officially licensed Adult Chewbacca Rhinestone Tank Dress, you can transform into the lovable creature from the world of Star Wars. This dress is perfect for themed costumed parties or your favorite cosplay convention.

Adult Darth Vader Rhinestone Tank Dress

Item # RC-820466
There will be no doubt that you have joined the dark side in this Adult Darth Vader Rhinestone Tank Dress. People will think Darth Vader has become your own personal stylist when you step out in this fashionable sleeveless dress.

Adult Rescue Tank Dress

Item # RC-820033
Pepper Potts is no shy secretary. When she is not busy running Stark Industries, she takes the MARK 1616 suit, also known as Rescue, out on defensive missions. This Adult Rescue Tank Dress is perfect for costume or superhero parties.

Adult Robin Tank Dress Costume

Item # RC-887491
Steal the show as leader of the Teen Titans or the crime-fighting Girl Wonder with the Adult Robin Tank Dress Costume. Guide the crew in the pursuit of treats or invade the party scene, the choice is yours with this trendy outfit.

Adult Spider-Girl Rhinestone Tank Dress

Item # RC-820030
Show your love for the friendly neighborhood web slinger in a sleek silhouette. This Adult Spider-Girl Rhinestone Tank Dress is perfect for a themed costume party, superhero movie premiere, or your favorite cosplay convention.

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