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Even Wonder Woman needs a way to keep her hair in place. At Superheroes Direct, shop our Hair Accessories category for items ranging from fashionable and functional adornments for everyday wear to elegant costume pieces, such as the Wonder Woman Tiara. We offer a variety of hair clips, bows, bands, barrettes, and more perfect for holding hairstyles as well as showcasing your love for your favorite superheroes, supervillains, and other pop culture characters. We also bring fans the high quality accessories they need to complete superheroine or villainess costumes. Keep checking back for updates to our growing selection of hair accessories here at Superheroes Direct.
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Gryffindor Headband

Item # LU-104770
The Gryffindor Headband is ideal for keeping your hair out of the way when casting all your magic spells. This officially licensed Harry Potter accessory features a bold Gryffindor crest on one side of its striped construction.

Hogwarts Headband

Item # LU-104774
If your love for Hogwarts transcends house boundaries, accessorize your uniform with the Hogwarts Headband. This officially licensed Harry Potter accessory features a highly detailed and utterly regal Hogwarts crest adorning one side.

Hufflepuff Headband

Item # LU-104772
Hufflepuff students and alumni both will find the officially licensed Hufflepuff Headband the ideal Hogwarts house accessory for fashionably and functionally keeping hair out of the way of spells, potions, and other magical endeavors.

Ravenclaw Headband

Item # LU-104773
It is best to keep your hair back and away from your spellcasting, and the wisest Hogwarts students and grads know the perfect way to do so in style is by wearing the Ravenclaw Headband, an officially licensed Harry Potter accessory.

Slytherin Headband

Item # LU-104771
Demonstrate cunning and pride in every way, from your practicality to your stylish appearance, when you accessorize with the Slytherin Headband. This licensed Hogwarts headband is embellished on one side with a Slytherin house crest.

Wonder Woman Sword and Shield Hair Clip Set

Item # BM-0390
Show your admiration for one of the most powerful female superheroes in existence with the Wonder Woman Sword and Shield Hair Clip Set. This set includes two highly detailed and beautifully colored functional hair clip accessories.
$12.00 $10.80

Wonder Woman Tiara

Item # BM-0157
An essential part of any Wonder Woman outfit, the Wonder Woman Tiara allows you to wear the iconic headdress of this legendary superheroine. The tiara acts as a boomerang weapon and offers Wonder Woman telepathic protection.
$20.00 $18.00

Wonder Woman Tiara and Cuff Set

Item # BM-0391
Essential pieces of any Wonder Woman outfit, the Wonder Woman Tiara and Cuff Set allows you to wear the headdress and cuff of the superheroine played by actress Gal Gadot. This licensed set includes a golden tiara and matching cuff.
$30.00 $27.00

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