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Harley Quinn

While working as a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum, Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel fell in love with a strange man who called himself the Joker. Since becoming his accomplice and taking on the name Harley Quinn, this supervillain has commonly served as an enemy to Batman. Best known for her mischievous grin, pigtails, and black and red jester costume, Harley Quinn has been a popular villain ever since her introduction in the 90s. Finally appearing on the silver screen in the 2016 Suicide Squad film, Harley Quinn fans can stop by Superheroes Direct for all the collectibles they need to show their love for this offbeat villain. Our selection includes POP figures and costumes featuring her various looks throughout comics, television, and video games, while our keychains and backpacks are great for taking anywhere. We offer drinkware, jewelry, accessories, t-shirts and more, all featuring everyones favorite evil jester, Harley Quinn.
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Adult Harley Quinn Choker

Item # RC-38037
An essential accessory for any jester-themed villainess, the Adult Harley Quinn Choker is an officially licensed DC Comics accessory. Made of white fabric, this costume necklace displays large, pointed tips adorned with small pompoms.

Adult Harley Quinn Costume Corset

Item # RC-887508
Create an unforgettable outfit by adding the Adult Harley Quinn Costume Corset to your closet. So many looks go perfectly with this piece, adding to the mayhem and fun that is sure to arise when portraying the Maiden of Mischief.

Adult Harley Quinn Costume Jacket with Shirt

Item # RC-820078
Based on her Suicide Squad movie appearance, the Adult Harley Quinn Costume Jacket with Shirt is an easy way to dress as this supervillainness at your next superhero-themed event, costume party, convention, or Halloween celebration.

Adult Harley Quinn Crop Top

Item # RC-840017
The Adult Harley Quinn Crop Top features the classic color combination of this famous villainess, making it both a fantastic costume starter and a fun everyday apparel item for fans of this mischievous DC Comics character.

Adult Harley Quinn Gauntlets

Item # RC-32227
Give the ultimate portrayal of the Clown Princess of Crime with the Adult Harley Quinn Gauntlets. With these arm sleeves completing the desired look, you will be inspired to add a bit of mischief and mayhem to the Halloween scene.

Adult Harley Quinn Headband

Item # RC-32228
The role of villainous prankster is yours when adding this headpiece to your costume. Ensure that Halloween night is full of dastardly tricks and deadly treats with the Adult Harley Quinn Headband in your arsenal of accessories.

Adult Harley Quinn Leg Warmers

Item # RC-38025
Even criminal clowns get cold sometimes. Inspired by the resident jester-themed villain of Gotham City, the Adult Harley Quinn Leg Warmers are great for adding detail and interest to your costume along with a light layer of warmth.

Adult Harley Quinn Mask

Item # RC-32229
While it is the perfect accessory for the role of Gotham supervillain, the Adult Harley Quinn Mask cannot hide that dark sparkle in your eyes nor that sinister grin upon your face. Mischief and mayhem is guaranteed this Halloween.

Adult Harley Quinn Sequin Skirt

Item # RC-35083
Ensure that the Maiden of Mischief adds to the fun and laughter of your next Halloween party. Mix her style with your own and remind everyone why this Gotham supervillain cannot be ignored with the Adult Harley Quinn Sequin Skirt.

Adult Harley Quinn Thigh Highs

Item # RC-32232
No Maiden of Mischief must be without these costume accessories in her cosplay closet. Choose for yourself the version of Harley Quinn you will portray next Halloween with the Adult Harley Quinn Thigh Highs completing your style.

Adult Harley Quinn Tights

Item # RC-38020
For a thorough Harley Quinn look that has you covered down to your toes in supervillain style, try the Adult Harley Quinn Tights. These officially licensed costume tights feature her red and black color scheme for a classic look.

Adult Harley Quinn Tutu Skirt

Item # RC-38008
The Adult Harley Quinn Tutu Skirt is a fantastically sparkling, officially licensed costume skirt that suits DCs jester-themed villainess rather well. Add this fun skirt to your own Harley Quinn outfit for a stylish and playful look.

Thank you so much. I've placed several orders from this company and have had nothing but exceptional service as well as products.

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