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Iron Man

Critically wounded during a kidnapping, Tony Stark saved himself from danger by building an armored suit. After fighting his way to freedom, Stark continued to develop his new invention, leading to the creation of the first Iron Man suit. First published in 1963, Iron Man has recently experienced a surge in popularity thanks to how he was portrayed on the silver screen by actor Robert Downey, Jr. Quick-witted and snarky, this new version of Iron Man captured the hearts with his story and his humor. Superheroes Direct celebrates all versions of this technologically superior hero by including various incarnations among our selection. Fans of the Invincible Iron Man from the earliest comics will find t-shirts and collectible playing cards to enjoy. More modern enthusiasts will find our selection of t-shirts equally appealing, thanks to a variety of graphics drawn from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Those looking for collectibles will find them as well, thanks to our variety of statues, figurines, drinkware, blankets, and decorative accents that all feature Iron Man as their central element. Ready your repulsors and fly to the forefront of great hero decor and apparel with any of the Iron Man items from Superheroes Direct.
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Adult Avengers 2 Iron Man Gloves

Item # RC-36364
Always seeking to perfect his Iron Man armour, Tony Stark wears Mark 43, his forty-third version, in Avengers 2 Age of Ultron. Now you too can wear a part of the superheros high tech suit with the Adult Avengers 2 Iron Man Gloves.

Adult Civil War Iron Man Gloves

Item # RC-32873
Evoke the might of Tony Starks characteristic repulsor powers when you wear the Adult Civil War Iron Man Gloves. Officially licensed, these costume gloves feature printed details perfect for adding to any Iron Man costume.

Adult Civil War War Machine Gloves

Item # RC-32879
Inspired by War Machines appearance in Captain America Civil War, these officially licensed Adult War Machine Gloves are the perfect costume accessories when it comes to dressing as this battle suit-wearing Marvel superhero.

Adult Hulkbuster Gloves

Item # RC-36360
Arm yourself with the power of the Hulkbuster, or at least its impressive appearance, when you wear the Adult Hulkbuster Gloves. These officially licensed costume accessories are the perfect addition to any Hulkbuster outfit.

Adult Iron Man Costume Top and Mask Set

Item # RC-810913
Sometimes a full-on super suit is just too much. For such occasions, the Adult Iron Man Costume Top and Mask Set is here to save the day. This licensed costume set includes a long sleeve style shirt with printed details and a mask.

Adult Iron Man Facial Hair Set

Item # RC-36365
In recent Marvel Cinematic Universe films, Tony Stark of Iron Man fame has sported a moustache and goatee combination. But you dont have to grow your own to get this stylish look. Simply apply the Adult Iron Man Facial Hair Set.

Adult Iron Man Second Skin Costume

Item # RC-880825
Who needs a man of steel when you have Iron Man? Billionaire inventor Tony Stark created the Iron Man suit and joined the Avengers team. Now you can wear this Adult Iron Man Second Skin Costume for Halloween or any themed event.

Adult Marvel Civil War Deluxe Iron Man Costume

Item # RC-810968
Transform yourself into Marvels billionaire genius superhero with the Adult Marvel Civil War Deluxe Iron Man Costume. With printed details, this officially licensed costume is inspired by Iron Mans look from Captain America Civil War.

Adult Marvel Deluxe Iron Man Costume

Item # RC-880669
You, too, can live the life of the genius billionaire superhero Tony Stark when you dress up in this costume. The Adult Marvel Deluxe Iron Man Costume features a colorful jumpsuit that looks like the iconic Iron Man suit.

Adult Marvel Iron Man Gloves

Item # RC-35659
Ready to deck yourself out from head-to-toe in Iron Man gear? Then you should not neglect to add the Adult Marvel Iron Man Gloves to your ensemble. Halloween and costume parties make a great time to break out these gloves.

Age of Ultron Adult Iron Man Mask

Item # RC-36253
Based on the 43rd suit built by the Iron Man himself, Tony Stark, this Age of Ultron Adult Iron Man Mask is a fantastic costume accessory for any superhero events. Iron Man and the Avengers fought Ultron in the blockbuster film.

Avengers 2 Iron Man Face Fleece Blanket

What has happened to Iron Man to leave such a crack on his helmet? The Avengers 2 Iron Man Face Fleece Blanket features a close up of Iron Man with a thin scar-like fissure running down one side of his mask, leaking scarlet light.
$36.00 $32.40

Delivered on time and exactly how it looks in the picture. Could not be more pleased of the superhero costume and was of great quality too.

Testimonial from Thorn M