Whether you are looking to rep your favorite hero or just want a touch of bling that is more than just a pretty trinket, look no further than our Jewelry category at Superheroes Direct. Our collection of jewelry includes fun pieces featuring the symbols of DC Comics and Marvel heroes and villains, like our necklace and earring sets, as well as charm necklaces featuring crafts and creatures from Minecraft. See if you are worthy enough to carry Mjolnir, with our Marvel Thor Hammer necklace. Show off your gamer pride in style with our elegant Zelda necklaces, Call of Duty dog tags, Witcher 3 medallion, and more. The perfect gift for any loved one who loves comics or video games, our various jewelry makes great collectibles and keepsakes as well as fashionable accessories.


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While we cant promise wearing these bracelets will give you the strength of Wonder Woman, they will supercharge your personal style. Our various wrist accessories feature symbols and characters from Marvel, DC Comics, and video games, and make the perfect gift for any enthusiast in these fandoms. From delicate charm bracelets, such as our Marvel Character Charm Bracelet and our Harley Quinn Charm Bracelet, to larger statement pieces, incorporate our bracelets into any ensemble to maximize your superhero style power. For matching and complementing pieces, visit our Necklaces and Pendants category as well as our Earrings section. Keep checking back here at Superheroes Direct for new products added soon!


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Bejewel your ears with the symbols of your favorite heroes, villains, and video games, found in our Earrings Section at Superheroes Direct. We offer sets of earrings, such as our DC Comics Superhero Logo Earrings Set, perfect if you have multiple piercings or if you are a fan of multiple heroes. Looking for a complete coordinating set of matching jewelry? Try one of our necklace and earring sets, featuring the logos of characters like Batman, Wonder Woman, and Harley Quinn. The perfect gift for any comic book fan in your life with holes in their earlobes, our sets of earrings are a subtle way to represent your favorite video game, film, or comic book character.

Hair Accessories

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Even Wonder Woman needs a way to keep her hair in place. At Superheroes Direct, shop our Hair Accessories category for items ranging from fashionable and functional adornments for everyday wear to elegant costume pieces, such as the Wonder Woman Tiara. We offer a variety of hair clips, bows, bands, barrettes, and more perfect for holding hairstyles as well as showcasing your love for your favorite superheroes, supervillains, and other pop culture characters. We also bring fans the high quality accessories they need to complete superheroine or villainess costumes. Keep checking back for updates to our growing selection of hair accessories here at Superheroes Direct.

Necklaces and Pendants

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Here at Superheroes Direct, our selection of comic book and video game necklaces are perfect for basing your outfit around or for keeping your favorite character close to your heart. In addition to our Marvel and DC Comics jewelry, we bring you elegant, collectible jewelry from beloved video games like the Legend of Zelda, Assassins Creed, Minecraft, and the Witcher, including the Wolf medallion worn by the protagonist of the game. Our necklace and earring sets feature delicate logo charms accompanied with matching stud earrings, perfect gifts for dedicated fans of characters like Harley Quinn, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Our dog tags are great for casual wear, and feature various characters and games, from Call of Duty and the Legend of Zelda to Deadpool, Wonder Woman, and more. Keep checking back here at Superheroes Direct for updates to our ever-growing Necklaces and Pendants category.


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One of the most versatile ways to show off your love for a character, video game, film, or comic, a pin can suit any outfit or find a home as part of any collection. Featuring pins from Marvel, DC Comics, and a variety of video games, our Pin category at Superheroes Direct offers something for every fan. In a variety of styles and finishes, our pins can provide either sleek sophistication or a unique pop of color. The perfect gift for any pin collector or superhero enthusiast, our pins feature characters such as Batman, Iron Man, Harley Quinn, Groot, Spider-man, and more, as well as iconic superhero logos, masks, and weapons, such as the shield of Captain America and Thors hammer Mjolnir. Add one of our superhero pins to your collection today!


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Shop our selection of superhero and pop culture inspired rings here at Superheroes Direct, including the infamous One Ring of Tolkien fame, which we offer in several materials and styles. Beautiful gifts for the dearest pop culture fan in your life, or perfect additions to any collection, we strive to stock the iconic bands from favorite TV shows, movies, comics, and video games. Using our handy filters, such as color, brand, price range, and ring size, further sort our selection of jewelry to find the perfect accessory to suit your needs. Keep checking back for more additions to our Rings department here at Superheroes Direct.

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