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Let our variety of pop culture lamps and lights here at Superheroes Direct help you fend off the forces of darkness. Brilliant pieces of superhero decor, our lighting features fun comic book character logos and graphics, including the iconic symbols of Batman, Spider-Man, Harley Quinn, Captain America, Superman, Deadpool, and Wonder Woman. Great collectibles for comic book enthusiasts of any age, our superhero nightlights are ready to come to your rescue when walking through darkened spaces. Our character lamps and lamp covers offer a fun way to brighten a reading nook or bedroom. We also carry illuminating home decor for fans of various hit TV shows, movies, and video games, including Star Wars and Star Trek. Keep checking back at Superheroes Direct for additions to our selection of superhero lamps and lights as they become available.
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Batman Logo Night Light

Item # AT-70077NL
Into the murkiest alley and against the darkest halls, the Dark Knight of Gotham shines the light for truth and justice. The fierce wingspan of this bold beacon pierces through the blackest night with the Batman Logo Night Light.
$10.00 $9.00

Deadpool Logo Night Light

Item # AT-70264NL
A moral line is drawn. The hero selects one path, while the villain chooses other. One odd soul refuses either and goes his own way. The antiheroic path is hazardous, at least shed some light with the Deadpool Logo Night Light.
$10.00 $9.00

Harley Quinn Night Light

Item # AT-70266NL
With heavy weapon balanced on her shoulders, a stunning figure appears. Silver bells jingle innocently as this femme fatale approaches her next victim. Navigate the shadowed hall with no shame with the Harley Quinn Night Light.
$10.00 $9.00

Spiderman Emblem Night Light

Item # AT-70223NL
With inhuman agility and boundless strength, our hero moves between the looming skyscrapers. His heightened senses discover the criminal. Let this hero spin a web of light into your dark halls with the Spiderman Logo Night Light.
$10.00 $9.00

Star Trek Insignia Night Light

Item # AT-70245NL
Navigating the frontier of a shadowed hall can be risky. Who knows what strange, new things may lead to a stubbed toe? There is no need to call Scotty, Captain. Boldly move through the dark with the Star Trek Insignia Night Light.
$10.00 $9.00

Star Wars BB-8 Light Set

Item # KT-SW9168
If your favorite droid enjoys rolling across the sands of desert planets, assisting the Rebel Alliance, and hanging out with former Stormtroopers, then the Star Wars BB-8 Light Set is the light up decoration you are looking for.

Star Wars R2-D2 Light Set

Item # KT-SW9901
Let R2-D2 bring some Star Wars astromech style to your space for the holidays or any time of year. Officially licensed, the Star Wars R2-D2 Light Set features a series of 10 R2-D2-shaped light covers made of injection molded plastic.

Star Wars Santa Yoda Light Set

Item # KT-SW9154
Festively dressed, Let Yoda bring the light side of the Force to your holiday home decor. The Star Wars Santa Yoda Light Set features 10 lights, each illuminating a cover shaped like the Jedi Master Yoda masquerading as Santa Claus.

Star Wars Stormtrooper Helmet Light Set

Item # KT-SW9142
Whether you are loyal to the Galactic Empire or Rebel Alliance, the Star Wars Stormtrooper Helmet Light Set makes a fine addition to any decor. Decorate your space with this licensed light set for the holidays or any time of year.

Superman Logo Night Light

Item # AT-70076NL
From the tallest skyscraper to the walls of your home, Superman will heed the call for rescue. Let his bright emblem be a beacon in the blackest night. Invade the darkness with the powerful rays of this Superman Logo Night Light.
$10.00 $9.00

Wonder Woman Logo Night Light

Item # AT-70234NL
A golden-winged symbol hovers above a red, white, and blue backdrop. Its noble wingspan reaches beyond an earthen globe. The Wonder Woman Logo Night Light illuminates the gloomiest hall, bright beams streaming from an LED orb.
$10.00 $9.00

Wonder Woman Night Light

Item # AT-70101NL
With mighty fists clenched, our hero bursts forth into action. Her strong frame pierces through the air. The Lasso of Truth glows divinely at her side. The Wonder Woman Night Light brightens the darkest corner with heroic style.
$10.00 $9.00

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