Nightcrawler has indigo skin, superhuman agility, flexibility, night vision, the ability to stick to walls, and the superpower of teleportation, making him an excellent stealth fighter. While his pointed ears and tail accompanied by his glowing yellow eyes may give him a frightening appearance, this benevolent mutant is a member of the X-Men. Featured in video games, animated series, and films such as X2 and X-Men Apocalypse, Night Crawler aka Kurt Wagner first appeared in comic form in 1975. At Superheroes Direct, fans of this mutant superhero will find a variety of collectibles and apparel featuring Nightcrawler, such as t-shirts depicting Nightcrawler fighting alongside his fellow X-Men, including childrens t-shirts. For updates to our supply of Nightcrawler merchandise, keep checking back here at Superheroes Direct.

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