Spice up your desk decor with any of our paperweights here at Superheroes Direct. Our selection includes a variety of characters, including heroes and villains from Marvel and DC Comics. Our Avengers paperweights are made of cold cast resin and hand painted in high detail, making them gorgeous additions to any desk decor. These high quality statue paper weights make great gifts for any fan of superheroes, whether they plan to use them to sort their papers or to display them as part of any comic book collection. Keep checking our Paperweights category at Superheroes Direct for more desk decor as we add it to our ever-growing stock of superhero collectibles!
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Batman Bust Paperweight

Item # MG-45118
As one of the richest men in Gotham City, Bruce Wayne knows the importance of keeping all of your documents in one place. His vigilante alter ego Batman is here to save your desk from destruction with this Batman Bust Paperweight.
$44.25 $39.83

Flash Bust Paperweight

Item # MG-45119
The Flash is without a doubt the fastest man alive, but do not fret! This speedy superhero will stay perfectly still and keep all of your important loose documents in their place with this fun and functional Flash Bust Paperweight.
$44.25 $39.83

Green Lantern Bust Paperweight

Item # MG-45121
Do you have troubles with villains invading your desk space and shuffling up all of your loose papers? Well Green Lantern is here to help! Keep your desk organized and protected from villainy with the Green Lantern Bust Paperweight.
$44.25 $39.83

Harley Quinn Bust Paperweight

Item # MG-45164
She caught the eye of the Joker at Arkham Asylum, and now she is ready to catch eyes on your desk! This Harley Quinn Bust Paperweight is a must have office accessory for those who enjoy the antics of the former Dr. Harleen Quinzel.
$44.25 $39.83

Joker Bust Paperweight

Item # MG-45122
Who would be better to keep your loose papers from getting shuffled around than the most vicious villain of them all? Not only will the Joker Bust Paperweight weigh your papers down, but he will protect them with his sinister grin.
$44.25 $39.83

Light Up Hulkbuster Paperweight

Item # MG-68327
If you thought Iron Man was intimidating in his original form, just wait until you see him in the suit that battled the Incredible Hulk! Pay homage to the Hulkbuster armor in your office with this Light Up Hulkbuster Paperweight.
$49.50 $44.55

Light Up Iron Man Paperweight

Item # MG-68328
In Avengers 2 Age of Ultron, Iron Man lights the way for all of the Avengers superheroes to defeat the evil villain Ultron. Allow Tony Stark to illuminate your desk and also keep it organized with the Light Up Iron Man Paperweight.
$45.00 $40.50

Superman Bust Paperweight

Item # MG-45116
Who better to keep your papers held down than the Man of Steel himself? With this Superman Bust Paperweight, not only will your documents stay tidy but your desk will also be kept free of wicked villains like Darkseid and Brainiac!
$44.25 $39.83

Wonder Woman Bust Paperweight

Item # MG-45117
Not only is Wonder Woman one of the best comic book superheroes, but now she is also one of the neatest and tidiest! Let the Princess of Themyscira look over your desk and your loose papers with this Wonder Woman Bust Paperweight.
$44.25 $39.83

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