One of the most versatile ways to show off your love for a character, video game, film, or comic, a pin can suit any outfit or find a home as part of any collection. Featuring pins from Marvel, DC Comics, and a variety of video games, our Pin category at Superheroes Direct offers something for every fan. In a variety of styles and finishes, our pins can provide either sleek sophistication or a unique pop of color. The perfect gift for any pin collector or superhero enthusiast, our pins feature characters such as Batman, Iron Man, Harley Quinn, Groot, Spider-man, and more, as well as iconic superhero logos, masks, and weapons, such as the shield of Captain America and Thors hammer Mjolnir. Add one of our superhero pins to your collection today!
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Avengers 2 Hulk Fight Fleece Blanket

Who will win this epic fight? The Avengers 2 Hulk Fight Fleece Blanket features an image of the Hulk grappling with Iron Mans Hulkbuster armor. Will the Hulk prove he is the strongest, or will the Hulkbuster suit prevail?
$36.00 $32.40

Avengers 2 Iron Man Face Fleece Blanket

What has happened to Iron Man to leave such a crack on his helmet? The Avengers 2 Iron Man Face Fleece Blanket features a close up of Iron Man with a thin scar-like fissure running down one side of his mask, leaking scarlet light.
$36.00 $32.40

Avengers 2 Mjolnir Crash Fleece Blanket

Behold the power and destruction of Mjolnir! The Avengers 2 Mjolnir Crash Fleece Blanket features an image of the trusty hammer of Thor, giving the visual effect like it was just thrown forcefully at your blanket.
$29.00 $26.10

Avengers 2 Thor Fleece Blanket

The Avengers face a new threat to humanity in the sequel film, Age of Ultron. The Avengers 2 Thor Fleece Blanket displays an image of Thor wielding his mighty hammer as he stands atop a pile of Ultron robots that he has destroyed.
$36.00 $32.40

Avengers with Loki Fleece Blanket

Avengers Assemble! You can almost hear Captain America calling out to rally the troops as the Marvel superheroes prepare to battle their immortal nemesis Loki. This Avengers with Loki Fleece Blanket is perfect for your tv room.
$36.00 $32.40

Batman Cowl Lapel Pin

Item # MG-45197
Since 1939, the face of Batman has offered hope for justice not only to the people of the fictional Gotham City, but also real life fans of the DC Comics superhero. Display the Dark Knight in a unique way with the Batman Cowl Lapel Pin.
$5.25 $4.73

Batman Logo Lapel Pin

Item # MG-45182
Gotham billionaire Bruce Wayne knows style, so take a fashion cue from the Dark Knight with this Batman Logo Lapel Pin! This pin is a wonderful way to incorporate your personal interests into your formal clothes or your everyday wear.
$5.25 $4.73

Batman vs. Villains Button Set

Item # AT-84848BT4
His dark silhouette stands tall against the malicious grins of two criminal masterminds. Our hero remains true to the call for justice. His vigilant gaze narrows on the insane fiends featured in the Batman vs. Villains Button Set.
$5.00 $4.50

Captain America Button Set

Item # AT-81800BT4
The Star-Spangled Avenger surges forward, creating a path for his team. Attired in classic uniform, with trusted shield in hand, this brave soldier ensures victory. Admire his resolute spirit with the Captain America Button Set.
$5.00 $4.50

Captain America Shield Lapel Pin

Item # MG-67973
For a lot of superheroes, it is their mask or helmet that becomes an icon. For Captain America, it is his indestructible shield. Show your love for Cap on your formal or everyday outfits with this Captain America Shield Lapel Pin.
$5.25 $4.73

Classic Justice League Button Set

Item # AT-82697BT4
Villainous masterminds devise an evil plot for world domination. Their dastardly deeds threaten the very existence of humanity. Do not despair, noble citizen, none can withstand the heroes in the Classic Justice League Button Set.
$5.00 $4.50

Classic Marvel Avengers Button Set

Item # AT-82750BT4
These powerful heroes join to create an unstoppable force. While their mighty abilities work well together, their unique personalities often clash. Admire their awe-inspiring teamwork in the Classic Marvel Avengers Button Set.
$5.00 $4.50

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