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Excellent inexpensive gifts for any card game playing comic aficionado, our playing card sets at Superheroes Direct feature a huge selection characters from Marvel and DC Comics, as well as a massive variety of styles. We offer sets based on single characters, including Superman, Captain America, Batman, Iron Man, Ant-Man, Wonder Woman, the Incredible Hulk, Thor, the Flash, Spider-Man, Green Lantern, Supergirl, Harley Quinn, the Joker, Wolverine, and more. Many of these comic-inspired playing card sets come in both modern and retro styles, with artwork from the Golden, Silver, and Bronze ages of comics and beyond. We also provide playing card sets featuring groups of characters, such as DC villains, Marvel villains, members of the Batman family, the Justice League of America, Guardians of the Galaxy, the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, and more. Our playing card tins are perfect for carrying and storing your sets of cards in complete superhero style. Great for bringing to any gathering of friends, keep a deck of our comic book character playing cards with you for any impromptu moments of superhero fun.
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Avengers Age of Ultron Playing Cards

Item # ND-52336
Share your love of Earths mightiest heroes with this official Avengers Age of Ultron card deck! You can play all of your favorite card games while enjoying graphics from the Avengers sequel film and its cast of superheroes.
$6.00 $5.40

Captain America Playing Cards

Item # ND-52-278
Few superheroes have the same patriot appeal as Captain America! The Captain America Playing Cards allow you to show your love for some of the best moments from the comics, shown on the colorful faces of each card.
$5.40 $4.86

Classic Incredible Hulk Playing Cards

Item # NW-52249
For heroes, the Incredible Hulk is considered a trump card or an ace - an unbeatable card that you hold till the end. Luckily, each of these Classic Incredible Hulk Playing Cards features the green hero, so they are all great.
$6.00 $5.40

DC Comics Batman Heroes Playing Cards

Item # ND-52266
While Batman gets most of the attention, he shares his successes with a host of other heroes and allies. The DC Comics Batman Heroes Playing Cards let you to show your support for the many clever heroes from the world of Batman.
$5.40 $4.86

DC Comics Batman Villains Playing Cards

Item # ND-52265
While superheroes get most of the attention, sometimes the villains deserve interest, as well. The DC Comics Batman Villains Playing Cards let you to show your support for the many clever enemies of the Dark Knight with a 52-card deck.
$5.40 $4.86

Fantastic Beasts Playing Cards

Item # ND-52427
In Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Newt Scamander accidentally releases his creatures into the wild streets of 1920s New York. Find his beasts yourself when playing your favorite games with the Fantastic Beasts Playing Cards.

Game Of Thrones Playing Cards

Item # Game-117
The Game of Thrones Playing Cards are a handful of reminders that are perfect for any fan of the television series to have, providing several attractive collectibles that feature a distinctive design and several character portraits!
$5.00 $4.50

Game of Thrones Playing Cards 2nd Edition

Item # Game-193
Fans of the HBO adaptation of George R. R. Martins popular Song of Ice and Fire series, Game of Thrones, can now enjoy their favorite characters in a whole new way with the Game of Thrones Playing Cards 2nd Edition.

Harley Quinn Playing Cards

Item # ND-52329
Travel through DC Comics history with this Harley Quinn themed deck of playing cards! These Harley Quinn playing cards show off a number of classic and modern graphics featuring the iconic harlequin jester supervillain.
$5.40 $4.86

Harry Potter House Crest Playing Cards

Item # ND-52357
Whether you have been sorted into brave Gryffindor or trustworthy Hufflepuff, you can prove that your House is champion with these Harry Potter cards! The Harry Potter House Crest Playing Cards show colorful Hogwarts House designs.

Harry Potter Symbols Playing Cards

Item # ND-52330
Explore the magical objects of the wizarding world of Harry Potter with this official deck of Harry Potter themed cards. The Harry Potter Symbols Playing Cards show off graphics of important items from the unforgettable series.

Iron Man 3 Playing Cards

Item # NW-52255
Marvel movies have attracted countless fans to the superhero scene, and the Iron Man 3 Playing Cards are a fantastic collectible that shows off the new, modern face of Iron Man, as he was featured in his latest battle against evil.
$5.00 $4.50

I'm real happy with the past few orders I've received and it turned out to be a great superhero products.  Wanted to give you guys a big thanks for everything, I loved your tee shirts and gear!

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