Professor X

Founder of the X-Men, Charles Xavier is a superhero who advocates for peaceful relations between mutants and humans. Highly educated, he is well-known for starting his School for Gifted Youngsters, where young mutants can seek shelter and education. Unable to use his legs but possessing unparalleled psychic powers, including telepathy, Professor X is one of the most powerful mutants in the Marvel Universe. Appearing in every X-Men live action film, Professor X is often portrayed by actors Patrick Stewart and James McAvoy. At Superheroes Direct, we feature a variety of Professor X collectibles and apparel, including POP figures featuring his classic comic book look, complete with his iconic bald head and hover chair. Keep checking back for updates to our selection of superhero collectibles.
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Xaviers School Logo T-Shirt

Item # IM-XMEN15
Show off your mutant pride and Marvel school spirit with this Xaviers School Logo T-Shirt. Now you can at least pretend that you attend this special institute founded and led by Professor Charles Xavier to train young mutants.

I'm real happy with the past few orders I've received and it turned out to be a great superhero products.  Wanted to give you guys a big thanks for everything, I loved your tee shirts and gear!

Testimonial from Monica H