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Real name Edward Nigma, the Riddler has always been fascinated with perplexing puzzles. Incorporating his signature style of criminal strategy, the Riddler is a powerful adversary to Batman, first appearing in 1948 and plaguing Gotham City with his sadistic puzzles ever since. Famously portrayed by Jim Carrey in the 1995 Batman Forever film and most recently appearing on TV show Gotham, this character carries his signature question mark cane with him wherever he goes. Here at Superheroes Direct, we offer all variety of apparel and collectibles, such as our drinkware sets displaying Riddler among other villains of Gotham, Riddler t-shirts for both adults and children, keychains, busts, and more all featuring this grinning purple and green criminal mastermind.
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Adult Riddler Sequin Corset

Item # RC-887555
Impress the Halloween crowd with your sexy style and bewilder fellow partygoers with a clever question or two. The Adult Riddler Sequin Corset makes it both easy and fun to genderbend the role of Gotham supervillain, Edward Nygma.

Adult Riddler T-Shirt With Mask

Item # RC-887405
For the Gotham villain who wishes to take a break from the standard jumpsuit or classic suit and tie, a comfortable alternative appears. Reveal your talent for word games and puzzling rhymes with the Adult Riddler T-Shirt With Mask.

Batman Impopster Riddler POP Figure

Item # FK-10779
The Caped Crusader is in strange mood for conversation today. Puzzling questions and clever phrases burst endlessly from his mouth. The heroic vigilante of Gotham is not quite himself in the Batman Impopster Riddler POP Figure.

DC Comics Batman Villains Playing Cards

Item # ND-52265
While superheroes get most of the attention, sometimes the villains deserve interest, as well. The DC Comics Batman Villains Playing Cards let you to show your support for the many clever enemies of the Dark Knight with a 52-card deck.
$5.40 $4.86

Womens Green Lantern T-Shirt With Mask and Ring

Item # RC-880473
Accept your position as a female member of the Green Lantern Corps and do so in comfort and style. The Womens Green Lantern T-Shirt With Mask and Ring is a great alternative to a skintight jumpsuit, making defending the universe a little bit easier.

Womens Riddler Sequin Skirt

Item # RC-35082
Reveal your talent for speaking in rhyme and creating puzzling phrases as the female counterpart to Edward Nygma, the infamous Riddler of Gotham. The Womens Riddler Sequin Skirt will be the final touch to a captivating costume.

I just wanted to let you guys know that I think your website is awesome! I thought you should know that you have another customer to shop here now and then. You guys have some really amazing items! 

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