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Known primarily for being Batmans sidekick, the first Robin came from a family of acrobats called the Flying Graysons. Adopted into Batmans care, he became known as the Boy Wonder and helped Batman fight crime. Donning the red tunic, yellow cape and green tights he is most known for, the origins of his character design are traced back to the Adventures of Robin Hood, a heroic outlaw from English folklore. At Superheroes Direct, we offer everything to help you showcase your love for this quintessential DC sidekick. Children and adults alike can emulate Robin with deluxe costumes and other apparel, such as socks, shirts, and hoodies. Our Robin playing cards, POP figures, and other collectibles are sure to find a home with any fan of Batmans devoted sidekick.
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Adult Arkham Robin Costume

Item # RC-884821
More than just Batmans kid sidekick, Robin is a superhero in his own right in the critically acclaimed video game Arkham City. The Adult Arkham Robin Costume is an officially licensed way to dress as this masked crime fighter.

Adult DC Comics Robin Corset Costume

Item # RC-889899
Draw the eye of every Gotham villain and superhero alike with this sexy outfit to assist the sidekick in taking over the party scene. The Adult DC Comics Robin Corset Costume adds a gender bending twist to the role of Boy Wonder.

Adult Robin Cape T-Shirt With Mask

Item # RC-880472
Leave the leotard and tights in the closet this Halloween. The role of Boy Wonder just got a lot easier and more comfortable. The Adult Robin Cape T-Shirt With Mask is perfect for the Gotham superhero who prefers a more relaxed style.

Adult Robin Costume Corset

Item # RC-887504
Step into full character as the second half of the Dynamic Duo with the Adult Robin Costume Corset. This trendy top matches perfectly with our vast array of superhero accessories, making it a wise addition for your cosplay closet.

Adult Robin Deluxe Cape

Item # RC-36447
Before he became Nightwing, Dick Grayson spent several years as Robin, learning the superhero ropes with mentor and guardian Bruce Wayne, also known as Batman. Wear this Adult Robin Deluxe Cape for Halloween or any costumed event.

Adult Robin Muscle Chest Shirt Costume

Item # RC-880529
When Dick Graysons family is murdered, he is adopted by Bruce Wayne. He learns that Batman is investigating the crime and offers to help. This Adult Batman Muscle Chest Shirt Costume is perfect for Halloween or any costumed event.

Adult Robin Sequin Skirt

Item # RC-35079
Add to the fun and excitement of Halloween by gender bending as the Boy Wonder, Dick Grayson. With a versatile design that completes a limitless variety of looks, the Adult Robin Sequin Skirt is a stylish option for the cosplayer.

Adult Robin Tank Dress Costume

Item # RC-887491
Steal the show as leader of the Teen Titans or the crime-fighting Girl Wonder with the Adult Robin Tank Dress Costume. Guide the crew in the pursuit of treats or invade the party scene, the choice is yours with this trendy outfit.

Batman Issue 232 T-Shirt

Item # ZB-3494
A spectacular replication of the cover art from issue 232 of the Batman comic series, the Batman Issue 232 T-Shirt is the perfect way to display your love of the Batman franchise and pay respect to its 75 years of excellent stories.
$27.00 $24.30

Boys DC Superheroes Robin Costume

Item # RC-610828
Your child can become the Boy Wonder this Halloween with a little help from this fantastic childrens superhero costume! The Boys DC Superheroes Robin Costume shows the iconic styling of one of the best known characters in all comics.

Boys Deluxe Teen Titans Robin Muscle Costume

Item # RC-882309
The power-mad, perfectionist leader of the Teen Titans, Robin makes a fun dress-up option for your child this Halloween! Inspired by Teen Titans Go!, the Boys Deluxe Teen Titans Robin Muscle Costume has a colorful look.

DC Comics Batman Heroes Playing Cards

Item # ND-52266
While Batman gets most of the attention, he shares his successes with a host of other heroes and allies. The DC Comics Batman Heroes Playing Cards let you to show your support for the many clever heroes from the world of Batman.
$5.40 $4.86

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