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For fashionable ways to keep your neck warm, check out our Scarves category at Superheroes Direct. Shop our selection of these winter essentials based on the scarves of pop culture giants, such as Harry Potter and Doctor Who. Support your favorite Hogwarts house with our scarf and hat sets available in Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin colors. Or, for those who prefer to remain unbiased, we also offer the Hogwarts Black School Scarf, which features a stripes in the main color of each house. Let our Doctor Who Striped Scarf, based on the iconic scarf worn by the Fourth Doctor, keep you cozy on your travels through time and space. Keep checking back here at Superheroes Direct for updates to our selection of pop culture scarves.
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Doctor Who 4th Doctor Knit Scarf

Item # LU-444331
Worn by Tom Baker during his time as the inimitable Doctor Who, his iconic scarf was more than just a cold weather accessory but a staple instrument in his world-saving arsenal. Get the look with the Doctor Who 4th Doctor Scarf.

Doctor Who 4th Doctor Long Purple Knit Scarf

Item # LU-444334
Sport the timeless style of a Time Lord when you wear the Doctor Who 4th Doctor Long Purple Knit Scarf. This officially licensed Doctor Who accessory is ideal for any Whovian fond of Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor in his final season.

Doctor Who 4th Doctor Premium Knit Scarf

Item # LU-444335
Doctor Who has been around for ages, both the show and the Time Lord himself, and this astounding scarf is nearly just as long! The Doctor Who 4th Doctor Premium Knit Scarf is based on the scarf worn by Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor.

Doctor Who 4th Doctor Purple Knit Scarf

Item # LU-444333
In his final season as the Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker wore a scarf of different stripes. With its rich, warm coloration and tassel trim, the Doctor Who 4th Doctor Purple Knit Scarf is the perfect accessory for fans of classic Doctor Who.

Doctor Who Lightweight TARDIS Scarf

Item # LU-444336
With this Doctor Who Lightweight TARDIS Scarf, you can show your discriminating sense of style without sacrificing comfort. Select an adventurous companion and go off at a moments notice to save the universe or watch it go down in flames.

Doctor Who TARDIS Scarf

Item # LU-444332
Resembling the clever camouflage of the spacecraft used by The Doctor, the Doctor Who TARDIS Scarf is generously sized to keep you warm. The bold lettering is based on the signage emblazoned on the London police box disguise.

Fantastic Beasts MACUSA Knit Scarf

Item # LU-440070
The MACUSA, or Magical Congress of the United States of America, governs the US wizarding community. For any American witch or wizard looking to show their patriotism, the Fantastic Beasts MACUSA Knit Scarf is a fantastic accessory.

Fourth Doctor 12 Foot Deluxe Scarf

Item # LU-444330
The Fourth Doctor 12 Foot Deluxe Scarf is no ordinary multicolored scarf. In the hands of the resourceful Time Lord known as The Doctor, it can be a lasso, measuring tape, and almost always saves the world from impending doom.

Golden Snitch Lightweight Infinity Scarf

Item # LU-440209
Seeking the easiest way to enchant your everyday look with Harry Potter style? Catch the Golden Snitch Lightweight Infinity Scarf, an officially licensed and perfectly on trend way to effortlessly embellish any casual outfit.

Gryffindor Lightweight Infinity Scarf

Item # LU-440116
If you like your accessories as bold as a roaring lion, choose the Gryffindor Lightweight Infinity Scarf to adorn your next outfit. This licensed Harry Potter scarf features the Gryffindor house crest and colored stripes in its design.

Gryffindor Reversible Knit Scarf

Item # LU-440111
For those with the courage of a lion, wear the Gryffindor Reversible Knit Scarf as your mane. This warm knit Hogwarts Scarf is the perfect way to show pride in Gryffindor during colder climates or with any wizarding world costume.

Harley Quinn Infinity Knit Scarf

Item # BM-0312
Add a bold nod to the Clown Princess of Crime with this Harley Quinn Infinity Knit Scarf. Displaying the classic black and red argyle pattern from her original jester outfit, this fashionable accessory may be worn a variety of ways.
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Delivered on time and exactly how it looks in the picture. Could not be more pleased of the superhero costume and was of great quality too.

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