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Superheroes Direct brings you comic and video game apparel of all sorts, including socks and underwear. Shop our selection of these essentials featuring superhero and video game illustrations and logos. We offer sets of socks inspired by DC Comics and Marvel characters, including members of the Justice League, the Punisher, Wolverine, Spider-Man, and more, available in packs of 3, 4, 5, and 6. Many of our socks are no-show ankle style, great for a subtle hint of comic book fashion. These sets of superhero socks make excellent gifts, ready to thrill any comic book fan looking to keep their feet warm. Keep checking back at our Socks and Underwear category for updates to our ever-growing selection of superhero and video game apparel!
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Batman 360 Crew Socks

Item # BM-0305
Put your best foot forward in these Batman 360 Crew Socks, which display the Caped Crusader in his classic blue and grey outfit with gold and black utility belt and bat symbol. These superhero socks are perfect for any comics fan.
$10.00 $9.00

Captain America Boxer Briefs

A must-have for diehard fans of the First Avenger, the Captain America Boxer Briefs perfect for fans of this patriotic superhero. A spectacular Steve Rogers graphic is printed onto the soft fabric of this licensed Marvel undergarment.

Captain America Crew Socks

Item # BM-0046
Knit fabric and a crew cut gives these socks a traditional feel that is perfect for casual wearing. The unique look of the Captain America Crew Socks, though, makes them a striking addition to any outfit.
$10.00 $9.00

Dark Marvel Character Ankle Sock 5-Pack

Item # BM-0192
In the Marvel universe, there are a number of characters that fall into the gray areas of morality. The Dark Marvel Character Ankle Sock 5-Pack feature designs of characters that range from anti-heroes to outright villains.
$20.00 $18.00

Deadpool Reversible Crew Socks

Item # BM-0286
Why wear traditional socks with only one design, when you can rock these Deadpool Reversible Crew Socks, with two different superhero designs! If you tire of one look, turn them inside out for a second image of the Merc with a Mouth.
$10.00 $9.00

Deadpool Sublimation Boxer Briefs

The Deadpool Sublimation Boxer Briefs feature a fantastic all-over sublimation print bursting with Deadpool goodness. Graphics of this popular antihero appear everywhere on this pair of officially licensed Marvel boxer briefs.
$14.00 $12.60

Flash 360 Crew Socks

Item # BM-0308
Put your best foot forward in these Flash 360 Crew Socks, which display the Scarlet Speedster in his classic red outfit with gold lightning bolt details. These superhero socks are a perfect gift or personal accessory for any fan.
$10.00 $9.00

Gray Batman Logo Crew Socks

Item # BM-0147
Any fan of the Dark Knight can now show their love for this classic DC Comic superhero with the simple addition of these Batman socks! The Gray Batman Logo Crew Socks display his name running down the sides of the design.
$8.00 $7.20

Iron Man Boxer Briefs

Now you too can dress with the style of Marvels genius billionaire playboy, Tony Stark. The Iron Man Boxer Briefs feature bold superhero graphics printed onto their soft, gray fabric body and a Marvel logo along the elastic waistband.
$14.00 $12.60

Spidey Face Boxer Briefs

Its hard to go wrong with superhero style, and the Spidey Face Boxer Briefs are a fun way to incorporate Marvel fashion into your everyday wardrobe. These licensed boxer briefs feature the black outline of Spidermans iconic mask.
$14.00 $12.60

Thumbs Up Deadpool Boxers

Whatever you are doing, Deadpool gives his approval. Although you should take his thumbs up with a grain of salt. These Thumbs Up Deadpool Boxers are a great way to incorporate the Merc with a Mouth into every aspect of your wardrobe.
$14.00 $12.60

Wonder Woman 360 Crew Socks

Item # BM-0315
Put your best foot forward in these Wonder Woman 360 Crew Socks, which display the Amazing Amazon in her classic star-spangled outfit with patriotic details. These superhero socks are a perfect gift or personal accessory for any fan.
$10.00 $9.00

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