Originally intended to be the female counterpart to Superman, this DC Comics heroine has served as the alias of several powerful women since the 1950s. Most notably is Kara Zor-El, the cousin of Superman, who also escaped the destruction of Krypton by traveling to Earth via spacecraft. Appearing in a variety of animated series, movies, live-action television shows, and video games, she has become a popular and enduring character in her own right. At Superheroes Direct, we bring fans of this Kryptonian heroine a variety of Supergirl apparel and collectibles, including several t-shirts in womens and unisex cuts featuring Supergirl, as well as a Supergirl costume t-shirt, complete with cape. Try our full Supergirl costumes, available in both adult and childrens sizes, to fully emulate your favorite superheroine. Our playing cards, robes, and other high quality collectibles all make excellent gifts for any fan of Supergirl.
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Adult Supergirl Tube Dress Costume

Item # RC-880422
Stand out among the crowd as a DC Comics super-powered beauty. The Adult Supergirl Tube Dress Costume will go perfectly with a variety of accessories, adding to the fun of appearing in an outfit of your own design this Halloween.

Classic Supergirl Rock Candy Vinyl Figure

Item # FK-8049
With her red cape billowing behind her and a House of El symbol emblazoned on her shirt, Supergirl is ready to save the day. The Classic Supergirl Rock Candy Vinyl Figure depicts this DC heroine from Krypton with unique style.
$11.50 $10.35

DC 4 Pack Eraser Set

Item # MG-45154
Incorporate your love of action-packed comic books into your school or office supplies with a fun set of pencil toppers! This DC 4 Pack Eraser Set makes four of your favorite characters just the right size to fit atop your pencil.
$13.50 $12.15

DC Comics Bombshells Button Set

Item # AT-84095BT4
Let all DC Comic fans prepare to delve into yet another exciting universe. War World II rages long. Our most trusted superheroes must guard the homefront. Admire these fantastic heroines with the DC Comics Bombshells Button Set.
$5.00 $4.50

DC Sirens of Strength T-Shirt

Item # ZB-3686
Designed to radiate a vintage comic book appeal, the DC Sirens of Strength T-Shirt features images of three comic book heroines. This shirt is pleasant to behold, using soft tones to emphasize the femininity of these characters.
$27.00 $24.30

DC Supergirl Bombshell Robe

Item # RB-11661
The cousin of Superman, Kara Zor-el stands as a powerful character of the DC Comic universe in her own right. The DC Supergirl Bombshell Robe allows you to adopt the sultry style of this superhuman heroine in your leisurewear.
$50.00 $45.00

DC Superhero Girls Supergirl Costume

Item # RC-620742
With vibrant colors and fantastic printed details, the DC Superhero Girls Supergirl Costume depicts Supergirls fun and fashionable look from Superhero Girls. This costume dress comes with a matching headband, wrist band, and belt.

Girls Supergirl Costume

Item # RC-882314
Does your young superheroine want to test her skills this Halloween? If so, then the fun and colorful look of the Girls Supergirl Costume makes it the perfect choice for heading out to trick-or-treat or to a costume party.

Womens Classic Supergirl Costume

Item # RC-15553
Dress up like a classic superheroine this Halloween with the help of the Womens Classic Supergirl Costume! This fun adult costume shows off the colorful uniform of the iconic DC Comics character, making it perfect for costume parties.

Delivered on time and exactly how it looks in the picture. Could not be more pleased of the superhero costume and was of great quality too.

Testimonial from Thorn M