At Superheroes Direct, our collection of womens t-shirts fuses flattering style with the graphics of the comics, movies, and video games you love. Here you will find apparel bedecked with dozens of characters from Marvel and DC Comics, including Wonder Woman, Black Widow, Captain America, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Captain Marvel, Supergirl, She-Hulk, and more. Our shirts feature their iconic symbols, fun illustrations, and graphics pulled from both classic comic books and recent films like Superman V Batman, while our costume t-shirts, designed to look like the super suits of Wonder Woman and Supergirl, come with their own short capes. Equip our t-shirts from popular games like Minecraft, Halo, Witcher 3, Mortal Kombat, Legend of Zelda, and more, while our World of Warcraft t-shirts let you declare your allegiance to either the Alliance or the Horde. All in feminine shapes, slim fits, and junior styles, let these shirts imbue your wardrobe with the power of their superhero style.
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A Tangled Web Hobbit Womens T-Shirt

Item # ZB-3383
Mirkwood may be the realm of the elven King Thranduil, but it is also the domain of things far more sinister. Dol Goldur lies just nearby, and, as the A Tangled Web Hobbit Womens T-Shirt implies, spiders call Mirkwood their home.

Adult Batgirl Cape T-Shirt With Mask

Item # RC-880476
The classic skintight jumpsuit and billowing cape is unnecessary to fight crime in style. The Halloween or cosplay portrayal of Barbara Gordon will be much easier, and much more comfortable, with the Adult Batgirl Cape T-Shirt With Mask.

Adult Supergirl Cape T-Shirt

Item # RC-880474
You will enjoy the role of Kara Zor-El with the comfort and style of the Adult Supergirl Cape T-Shirt. For the superhero who feels that a jumpsuit or mini dress is a hindrance to their style, this top is the perfect solution.

Adult Wonder Woman Costume Top

Item # RC-810909
For occasions that call for a bit of super style without going all out, the Adult Wonder Woman Costume Top is perfect for getting the look of a superheroine. This officially licensed costume set even comes with a matching tiara.

Adult Wonder Woman T-Shirt Costume

Item # RC-880475
Transforming yourself into DC Comics iconic superheroine can now be as easy as wearing your favorite shirt. The Adult Wonder Woman T-Shirt Costume is a fantastic way to get the look of this Amazonian princess and defender of justice.

Assassins Creed IV Black Flag Edward Sleeveless T-Shirt

Item # SL-00841
Thanks to the Assassins Creed IV Black Flag Edward Sleeveless T-Shirt, there is no need to let the summer heat prevent you from styling it up like an 18th century British assassin. You will appreciate the comfortable fit of this tank.

At Smaug's Door Womens T-Shirt

Item # ZB-3336
Bilbo has come a long way from home, and in the Desolation of Smaug, he will go even further. The At Smaugs Door Womens T-Shirt depicts a pivotal moment when the hobbit must summon every ounce of courage to face a dragon.

Barreling Down Hobbit Womens T-Shirt

Item # ZB-3380
One of the most memorable scenes from The Hobbit is when the dwarves escaped Mirkwood via barrel and river. The Barreling Down Hobbit Womens T-Shirt captures that moment from the movie, making for a fun shirt for any fan to wear!

Bilbo Poster Womens T-Shirt

Item # ZB-3136
In the Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins lived a quaint, quiet life in The Shire until Gandalf the Wizard and 13 dwarves persuaded him to join them on an adventure. The Bilbo Poster Womens T-Shirt makes a great choice for fans of the film.

Bilbo Stare Womens T-Shirt

Item # ZB-3249
Bilbo Baggins is the unlikely burglar chosen by Gandalf to aid the dwarves on their raid of the Lonely Mountain in The Hobbit. A graphic of Bilbo appears on this black Womens T-Shirt in the earthen tones of the Shire.

Black Hobbit Logo Womens T-Shirt

Item # ZB-3196
The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey is the first part of Peter Jacksons masterful film adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkiens epic novel, The Hobbit. The Black Hobbit Logo Womens T-Shirt makes a great choice for fans of the movies.

Blue Laketown Womens T-Shirt

Item # ZB-3405
Laketown is a picturesque place. Showing a sketch-like graphic, this Blue Laketown Womens T-Shirt offers a glimpse of the town of Esgaroth, which was built on a lake to help protect it if the dragon Smaug ever try to attack.

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