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The Joker

With a perpetual grin carved on his face, the Joker is Batmans ultimate adversary. With no clear motives and no concrete origin, the Joker is an unreliable narrator, a wild card in Gothams gallery of rogues. The only constant is his perpetual duel with the Dark Knight. If you are a fan of the most feared criminal in the DC Universe, look no further than our selection at Superheroes Direct. Dress yourself as the criminal madman with our Arkham City Joker costumes and masks, or our costume t-shirts and robes featuring the Jokers iconic green and purple color scheme. Add a touch of madness to your home with our Joker figures, busts, statues, drinkware, and other home decor. Our Joker playing cards, POP figures, and other collectibles make the perfect pieces in any set or display of Gotham residents and supervillains.
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1966 Joker POP Figure

Item # FK-3120
A persistent and dangerous nemesis of Batman and his allies during the run of the TV show, the Joker has long been a fan favorite villain. The 1966 Joker POP Figure displays a classic version of this colorful character in chibi form.
$12.00 $10.80

4 Piece DC Heroes and Villains Eraser Set

Item # MG-45153
Two superheroes go up against two diabolical villains in this 4 Piece DC Heroes and Villains Eraser Set! Add this set to your collection of writing accessories for an exciting and unique way to show off your love of comic books.
$13.50 $12.15

Aces High T-Shirt

Item # ZB-3825
A fantastic shirt for those enthralled in the dynamic battle between the Joker and the Dark Knight, the Aces High T-Shirt displays both of these characters along with images of card representations which most suitably describe them.
$35.25 $31.73

Adult Joker Costume Corset

Item # RC-887506
This trendy top makes it easy to step into the role of Batmans archenemy, the Joker. The Adult Joker Costume Corset matches well with a variety of looks and is a suitable piece for creating mayhem at an upcoming Halloween event.

Adult Joker Costume Teeth

Item # RC-32949
Whether he lost his old ones in a scuffle with Batman or ate too much candy, Suicide Squads Joker sports a row of metallic choppers. Wear the officially licensed Adult Joker Costume Teeth to be sure your look includes this detail.

Adult Joker Pinstripe Suit T-Shirt

Item # RC-887404
The Clown Prince of Crime does not require a suit and tie to unleash total mayhem upon the Halloween crowd. Annoying the Bat and terrorizing Gotham is just as amusing with the comfortable style of the Adult Joker Pinstripe Suit T-Shirt.

Adult Joker Sequin Skirt

Item # RC-35081
Fulfill your role as the Clown Prince of Crime with a gender bending twist this year. The Adult Joker Sequin Skirt offers versatility in completing your character, matching with a variety of stylish tops and DC Comics accessories.

Adult Joker Wig

Item # RC-32849
With its brilliant green hue in a short, smoothed back style, the officially licensed Adult Joker Wig displays the eye-catching hairstyle of this maniacal DC Universe supervillain as he appeared in the 2016 Suicide Squad movie.

Adult Suicide Squad Joker Costume Kit

Item # RC-820119
In Suicide Squad, the Joker is seen sporting a heavily tattooed look and bright green hair. Get his edgy new appearance with the Adult Suicide Squad Joker Costume Kit, which includes a long sleeve shirt, wig, and costume makeup.

Arkham Asylum Joker POP Figure

Item # FK-4339
The Clown Prince of Crime sets off his latest attempt at chaos and destruction in the Arkham Asylum video game. Enjoy this colorful villain in a new way with the Arkham Asylum Joker POP Figure, which depicts him in chibi form.
$12.00 $10.80

Arkham City Joker Costume

Item # RC-880585
The Joker can make another reappearance this Halloween with the help of the Arkham City Joker Costume. Dress as the infamous archenemy of Batman with the help of this licensed costume based on the hit Arkham video game series.

Arkham Joker Deluxe Vinyl Mask

Item # RC-68470
Batman and the Joker will face off once more this Halloween when you wear the Arkham Joker Deluxe Vinyl Mask to dress up as the infamous comic book supervillain. This costume mask is based on the Batman Arkham series of video games.

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