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United Cutlery

United Cutlery, a trusted brand when it comes to high quality weaponry, brings a variety of movie replica weapons to Superheroes Direct, many modeled after the unique swords, staves, and more found in the fantasy world of J.R.R. Tolkien. We offer fans of the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit films a variety of weapons made famous by the heroes and villains of Middle Earth, including Anduril, sword of King Elessar, Gandalfs sword Glamdring, Sting, wielded by both Bilbo and Frodo, Tauriels bow, and the mace of Azog the Defiler, to name a few. We also stock matching scabbards for many of our replica weapons. United Cutlery also creates provides us with magnificently crafted helms, such as the Mirkwood Infantry Helm and the LotR Helm of Sauron, which are painstakingly detailed, high quality pieces of armour that make stunning centerpieces in the home or collection of any Tolkien fan.

Thanks!  I appreciate the work you've done for me.  The T-shirt actually came in today, looks and feels great!

Testimonial from Crystal