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Women's Apparel

At Superheroes Direct, we are proud to bring you comic book and video game apparel designed with women in mind. Try out our fitted t-shirts, tank tops, jackets, sweatshirts, and long sleeve shirts featuring characters and logos from your favorite comic books, films, TV shows, video games, and movies. Looking to emulate your favorite superheroine or femme fatale? Check out our Costumes and Cosplay category for the perfect outfits and accessories featuring characters such as Wonder Woman, She-Hulk, Gamora, Poison Ivy, Catwoman, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Black Widow, and more. Our superhero themed robes, sleep shorts, and pajama pants are great to wear when taking a break from saving the world, and our knee high costume socks, complete with superhero-inspired accents, are the perfect super accessories to complete any outfit.

Arm and Leg Warmers

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Our womens arm and leg warmers section here at Superheroes Direct includes items inspired by your favorite TV shows, movies, video games, and comic book characters. Shop here for accessories will will accent your arms and legs, and keep them warm, from comic book giants like Marvel and DC Comics, hit TV shows such as Doctor Who, Star Trek, and Game of Thrones, and movies such as The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Harry Potter, and more. With our helpful filters, we make it easy to sort through our selection with ease. Choose your preferred price range, color, character, and more to find the right accessory for you. Keep checking back for more updates to our womens arm and leg warmers category as they become available here at Superheroes Direct.


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Show off your curves as you show your love for your favorite superhero or heroine with these corsets! Superheroes Direct has a stylish assortment of corsets inspired by beloved characters from DC and Marvel Comics. Perfect for a night of crime-fighting or painting the town red, you can choose between heroes or villains for your festivities. Let your patriotism shine in the Adult American Dream Sequin Corset, or emulate the Maid of Mischief in the Adult Harley Quinn Costume Corset. Give the sidekick of Batman a new look in the Adult DC Comics Robin Corset Costume. Create the perfect ensemble for a cosplay event, or show off your favorite character at an upcoming movie premiere! Keep checking back as Superheroes Direct adds new corsets inspired by beloved characters from pop culture.

Costumes and Cosplay

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What better way to show your love for your favorite fierce heroine than by donning her super suit for the day? Here at Superheroes Direct, we carry a variety of costumes featuring the women of Marvel and DC Comics. Many of our costume sets provide complete looks, while our variety of accessories, such as the wigs, gloves, masks, and makeup that give each character their iconic look, will make any cosplay stand out. We bring you the costumes of heroines from multiple eras, such as replicas of the outfits worn in Golden Age comics, Gotham Girls, the Arkham City Video Games, and more. Try out the many looks of Marvel heroines throughout their cinematic appearances as well. With characters ranging from Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn to Black Widow, Gamora, and more, our Costumes and Cosplay category is the perfect place to shop for the ultimate in superheroine suits.

Dresses and Skirts

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Let your love of superheroes and pop culture take center stage with our dresses and skirts here at Superheroes Direct. These are statement pieces great for incorporating into any superhero outfit. Stand out with items like our Batman Logo Skater Skirt, decorated with the iconic symbol of the Dark Knight. Or take flight in our Adult Supergirl Tank Dress Costume, which comes with a removable red cape. With a variety of shapes and cuts, our skirts and dresses are stylish additions to any wardrobe. Keep checking back for more updates to our selection of skirts and dresses here at Superheroes Direct.


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Dress like a superheroine even down to your toes with womens superhero footwear from Superheroes Direct. Whether you are looking for cosplay shoes ideal for masquerading as your favorite character or stylish kicks to show off your favorite pop culture fandom, Superheroes Direct has ladies shoes to keep your feet fashionably clad or for completing your outfit or cosplay. Shop superhero cosplay boots, superhero heels, womens pop culture flats, and more inspired by iconic heroes, villains, and everything in between. We have high heel cosplay boots and flats that are perfect for a number of characters. Further sort our selection using our handy filtering options - like color, size, and price - to find the right womens footwear for you, and keep checking back for updates to our ever-growing selection of womens pop culture shoes.

Jackets and Sweatshirts

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Shop our selection of superhero and video game inspired jackets and sweatshirts for warm apparel featuring the logos and graphics of your favorite DC Comics, Marvel, and video game characters. Offering extra protection from the elements as well as an additional layer of style showcasing the comics, movies, and games you love, our superhero outerwear make great gifts for any fan of comic book characters. No matter the weather, a sweatshirt or jacket can be perfect for cold mornings, evenings, or offices. Much of our hooded apparel is designed to imitate the super suits and armor of specific heroes and villains so you can comfortably emulate your favorite character on any given day, while others feature video game logos or comic book illustrations.

Long Sleeve Shirts

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For days when a simple t-shirt just isnt enough, but its not quite cool enough for a sweatshirt, our long sleeve superhero shirts are here to save the day. Featuring your favorite Marvel, DC Comics, and video game characters, such as Batgirl and Batman, the Avengers, the Justice League of America, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Black Widow, and more, these shirts are emblazoned with iconic logos, action-packed graphics straight off the silver screen, and even illustrated pages and cover art from comic book series like Gotham City Sirens. Excellent gifts for comic book fans or additions to any superhero wardrobe, show off your super style with our long sleeve shirts at Superheroes Direct.


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Shop the Loungewear category here at Superheroes Direct for our selection of robes inspired by favorite heroes and villains from Marvel and DC Comics. Our fleece robes come in a variety of styles, including hooded robes with unique trim inspired by the suits of iconic characters such as Harley Quinn, Batgirl, and Wonder Woman. For a more subtle look, we also offer comfy robes featuring their classic color schemes and logos. Check out the back of our Bombshell robes for fun pin-up illustrations of famous heroines and villainesses, while our smooth satin robes provide the utmost in luxury loungewear. For cozy comfort while getting ready to suit up for the day, added warmth while lounging at home, or sleek luxurious layering, our versatile robes make the perfect gift for any superheroine in your life.

Pants and Shorts

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Perfect to wear while sleeping or when saving the world in comfort, our sleep shorts and pajama pants at Superheroes Direct are versatile comfort clothes that add a superhero flair to any day off. We offer pants based on heroes and villains from DC Comics and Marvel, as well as pants and shorts showcasing the logos of popular video games, like Call of Duty. Featuring logos on the hips and down the legs, our variety includes iconic characters like Batman, Superman, the Punisher, and more. With drawstring elastic waists, soft comfortable fabrics, and relaxed constructions, these comic and video game inspired pants make great gifts for anyone who values both comfort and style on their days off. Keep checking back here at Superheroes Direct for additions to our selection of superhero pants and shorts!

Socks and Underwear

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Shop our socks and underwear section here at Superheroes Direct for all your superhero sock needs, as well as essential underwear featuring comic book and video game graphics and logos. Our no-show ankle sock sets add a subtle touch of superhero style to any outfit, perfect for concealing your secret identity. Available in packs of 6, 5, and 4, these socks are great for everyday wear. For boldly embracing your inner heroine, we offer a range of costume socks with striking super-suit inspired trim. Our Robin, Batman, and Wonder Woman knee high socks include tiny capes for your legs that billow as you walk, while our Harley Quinn knee highs feature faux lace up detailing. The tiny wings on our Captain America Crew socks mimic the wings on the iconic heros classic hood. Excellent gifts for superhero enthusiasts with fashion senses both bold and subtle, keep checking back at Superheroes Direct for updates to our selection of comic and video game inspired socks and underwear.

Tank Tops

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Shop our supply of tank tops here at Superheroes Direct for all varieties of sleeveless shirts. Our shoulder-baring superhero apparel is perfect for wearing out in the sun during warmer months or layering under a cardigan when it gets chilly. Many of our tank tops are designed to mimic the outfits of heroes and villains, such as the Ms. Marvel Suit Sleeveless Top. Featuring flattering cuts as well as graphics inspired by your favorite superheroes, villains, and video game characters, our tank tops are ready to add their super-powered style to any wardrobe. Keep checking here at Superheroes Direct for updates to our selection of superhero and video game tank tops!


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At Superheroes Direct, our collection of womens t-shirts fuses flattering style with the graphics of the comics, movies, and video games you love. Here you will find apparel bedecked with dozens of characters from Marvel and DC Comics, including Wonder Woman, Black Widow, Captain America, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Captain Marvel, Supergirl, She-Hulk, and more. Our shirts feature their iconic symbols, fun illustrations, and graphics pulled from both classic comic books and recent films like Superman V Batman, while our costume t-shirts, designed to look like the super suits of Wonder Woman and Supergirl, come with their own short capes. Equip our t-shirts from popular games like Minecraft, Halo, Witcher 3, Mortal Kombat, Legend of Zelda, and more, while our World of Warcraft t-shirts let you declare your allegiance to either the Alliance or the Horde. All in feminine shapes, slim fits, and junior styles, let these shirts imbue your wardrobe with the power of their superhero style.

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