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An elite and expansive team of super mutants, the X-Men are a group of Marvel superheroes who fight for the hopes of a world where mutants and humans live in harmony. Founded by Professor X, they are most often opposed by their archenemy Magneto and his Brotherhood of Mutants, who prefer violent mutant domination to peaceful coexistence. Often including prolific and powerful members such as Storm, Cyclops, Iceman, Beast, Nightcrawler, and more, the X-Men have been the subject of several TV shows, video games, and films. Fans of these mutant superheroes will find a variety of products and apparel featuring their favorite characters here at Superheroes Direct. Our selection includes POP figures of their classic designs as well as modern takes from recent movies. Our drinkware, statues, robes, and collectible playing cards, magnets, and more all make great gifts for any mutant lovers. For those looking to add a bit of super mutant style to their everyday look, we offer a variety of X-Men t-shirts, hoodies, and accessories.
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Adult Marvel Storm Costume

Item # RC-820011
Stir up a storm as you make your entrance at your next costume party in this fantastic costume! The Adult Marvel Storm Costume lets you dress as the X-Men alter ego of Ororo Munroe, the former queen consort of Wakanda.

Adult X-Men Cyclops Costume

Item # RC-820047
Team up with Wolverine, Professor X, Storm, and the rest of the X-Men gang this Halloween when you wear the Adult X-Men Cyclops Costume. Enjoy the striking appearance of the alter ego of Scott Summers with this fun costume.

Classic Wolverine T-Shirt

Item # NW-WLVR03
Like a scene straight out of an old comic book, this Classic Wolverine T-Shirt shows off one of the most combat-savvy X-men, ready to enter the fray and let his feral rage, sharp adamantium claws, and prodigious skill do his talking.
$18.00 $16.00

Classic X-Men Magneto POP Figure

Item # FK-4469
Inspired by the Marvel Comics villain who is the chief opposition to the X-Men cause, the Classic X-Men Magneto POP Figure is designed in the likeness of Magneto. This figurine is a superb way to display your enjoyment of X-Men comics.
$12.00 $10.80

Classic X-Men T-Shirt

Item # IM-XMEN11
Inspired by the cover artwork for the special issue Giant-Size X-Men #1 published in 1975, the Classic X-Men T-Shirt displays a lively graphic with many classic X-Men, including Cyclops, Storm, Colossus, Wolverine, and Thunderbird.

Foam Hand Claws

Item # NP-G-SP201
Whether you are embodying a nightmarish horror villain or portraying a clawed superhuman, these Foam Hand Claws will get your points across. The detachable claws fit into a cylindrical base that comfortably fits in your hand.

Junior Wolverine X-Men Uniform Hoodie

Item # NW-V9014JZ
Born from the original days of the X-Men comics, this Junior Wolverine X-Men Uniform Hoodie allows any young fan to take on the costume of this iconic mutant. Essentially, this hoodie allows them to become Wolverine in appearance.
$50.00 $45.00

Kids Wolverine Costume

Item # RC-880779
Wolverine is notable for being the first antihero and for being Canadian. If your child loves the gruff brawler Logan, called Wolverine, of the X-Men, this Kids Wolverine Costume will be a big hit for Halloween or everyday play.

Magneto Uniform Hoodie

Item # NW-V9034MZ
An incredible sweatshirt perfect for displaying your love of the greatest enemy that the X-Men have encountered, the Magneto Uniform Hoodie emulates the design of his signature suit, cape, and helmet for a unique and comfortable look.
$66.00 $59.00

Marvel Hooded Wolverine Robe

Item # RB-00289
One of the most well-known mutants on the X-Men team, Wolverine shares the ferocity and claws of the animal for which he is named. The Marvel Hooded Wolverine Robe lets any fan adopt the classic style of the gruff superhero.
$56.00 $50.40

Marvel Wolverine Playing Cards

Item # NW-52248
The Marvel Wolverine Playing Cards are not your average cards. They certainly feature all the traditional hallmarks, but they stand out due to showing off fantastic graphics of the comic book art of a noted Marvel hero.
$6.00 $5.40

Mens Deluxe Wolverine Costume

Item # RC-880803
When you need the perfect superhero costume for going to a convention or Halloween party, check out the Mens Deluxe Wolverine Costume. The classic X-Men superhero is always ready to fight with the long claws that jut from his hands.

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